Question for you NYC Balenciaga shoppers

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  1. my friend and i are thinking of visiting NYC for an authentic Balenciaga buying experience. Thanks to the help of Alteliernaff, we know exactly where to shop. My question is how well stocked are the stories at any given time? Does Balenciaga and Barney's keep a full stock of firsts, cities, and twiggies? I assume we should call in advance, but I was wondering what folks' experiences were. Thanks for your help!
  2. i've found a plethora of balenciagas in various shapes and sizes every time i've been to barney's so i don't think you need to worry......
  3. plus their current window display on madison avenue features balenciaga and so there are a bunch of the bags in the window.......would love to reach in, grab like 10 and run :weird:
  4. I know Barney's had Balenciagas in leather and pony hair. Garden State plaza in NJ 20 minutes outside NYC also has Balenciagas in both. Both places has first and twiggys I didnt see the cities but maybe I wasnt paying attention.
  5. I'm so jealous/envious of you guys :sad2: ...lucky girls!
  6. When I went to Balenciaga NY to buy my City, they offered to show me the same size in all of the Spring colors and also in different sizes. This was last New Years Eve. At that time, no other store had them. One other thing, not a lot of people go there so they do take the time to help you out.
  7. I haven't been there in a while but the Balenciagas were on the 1st floor, and there were lots of them, it almost devalued them to see so many.
    At the time, I was with a certain friend while we were shopping for one, and she goes, "hey look, that chick has the MC... and I'm staring at it, and then I look at who is carrying it and it's BEYONCE. And she's standing with JZ, she was talking loudly to a sales clerk. SO now I'm trying to DISCREETLY get my digital camera out of my bag, and my adrenalin is rushing, I'm all nervous, and next thing I knew they were heading out the door.

    And then a few months ago, me and this same certain friend were making a pilgrimage to the Balenciaga store in Chelsea on a rainy day, and it was completely empty except for the store staff and one person: Sofia Coppola.

    And I get so flustered because I totally admire her, and hell I don't know her, so what am I gonna say to her? I just got another adrenalin rush again and tried to pretend now that I'm really looking at bags and minding my own business, which I couldn't anymore because I know she's standing 10 feet away.

    But i hate bothering celebrities, I'm sure they get bugged 18-million times a day and I don't want to be another schmo, I'm sure they want some time without being harassed.
  8. Here's the post I posted in the other thread, here's what the b-store had:

    I went into Balenciaga Friday and I bought the blue city. I wanted the tan but they won't have it until March. They have pink, red, grey, ink, olive, black and white in medium. They also have the pony in purple and tan. I cannot have too light colors 'cause I'm afraid it's going to get dirty so I picked the blue. Although not the neutral color I wanted, it's still easy to match my clothes. I probably want to call them to get the tan when it comes in. Then, with the denim box, I'll be done with my b-collection. :biggrin:

    Sorry Holly, I didn't get the tan or black, I hope you're not mad at me. I'm just too old for red.
  9. The Neiman Marcus in the Mall at Short Hills, NJ sells Balenciaga bags as well. Plus the sales tax in NJ is 6% on handbags vs 8.5% in NYC. ;)
  10. hi, ozzysmom-you can also purchase balenciagas in kirna zabete and jeffrey ny both in manhattan :amuse:
  11. I was in Barneys, Jeffrey, and Kirna Zabete last weekend. Jeffrey had the smallest b-bag selection. Barneys had the largest selection and KZ had a "representative sample". Based on previous posts, I would predict that Bal NY has the most comprehensive selection...but no returns, credit only... Bal NY > number of bags, colors than Barneys...Barneys > return policy than Bal NY.
  12. Thanks everyone. My friend and I are soooo excited about this trip. We live in Washington, D.C. and no stores carry Balenciaga bags.:sad2:

    Although it's a darn good excuse for a road trip.:nuts: