Question for you ladies


Feb 3, 2010
Hello Everyone! I'm a Kooba newbie, and have been on a hunt to collect older Koobas. I currently own a Maria in terraine and a bourbon Ada. The quality of the leather on these bags is TDF, but I don't need to tell any of you that. You ladies are truly experts and have lived through the love and loss of Kooba. I wanted to know what brands did you turn to to fill the hole left by Kooba?


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I've went here and there and everywhere. First to RM, Prada, Treesje, Jimmy Choo, Linea Pelle. I have alot of bags with awesome leather but truthfully nothing is quite like Kooba's old leathers. Nothing that rivals the Ada, Sienna, Brynne, Jessie. I guess it was a time and place. Is it possible to think it is impossible for designers to find leathers like this, make bags? Do these leathers cost too much now or do they not exist? Or is it designers using cheaper quality leathers to make the most profit?


Jun 28, 2009
New York City
I was in Barney's NYC a few weeks ago and noticed that the leather on the Givenchy handbags felt just like the thick vintage leather that was on the Paige, Jesse, Jillian, etc. Needless to say, with a price tag in the neighborhood $2,000.