Question for you ladies

  1. So I have not been active on here at all for awhile. I am still going through the IVF process and have been preoccupied with that. I returned my cornflower twiggy last week which was so depressing. Anyways, my question is I have to sell another bag which I am so sad about. I have to either part with my pistacio twiggy, bordeaux twiggy or lilac city. I don't want to part with any of them but I HAVE to. :crybaby: I am sure it will be worth it in the end right?!?! :shame: Well my question is which one do you think will bring the most money? I just need cash very badly so I am pressed to sell quickly. Let me know which one you girls think I should sell. :sad:

  2. giggles-girl, we miss you sooooooooooo much & hope all's well :tender:
  3. So sorry you have to sell the bags! I'd say probably the lilac city but the pistachio is very desirable!
  4. I don't have any advice as to which bag would would bring in more or where would be the better place to sell it...but, I'm sorry you have to let ago one of your precious bbags. :cry: It must be hard to decide. I wish you all the best with your IVF!
  5. Yea I haven't decided yet :sad: I really don't want to part with them :sad:
    Just so this is understood, this is not a sales pitch, just trying to get an opinion from the ladies. I do not want any pm's asking about me selling any bags to anyone privately.
  6. Hey hon! Nice to see you again! So sorry you have to sell them! I would either sell the pistachio or lilac as they are harder to find and thus more desirable. Not sure about selling them on ebay though as ebay does take a big chunk out of the final value. Good luck in any case!
  7. Yea I am most likely going to do that, I really am having a hard time doing it but I am stuck so I have to. :crybaby: I will probably list the lilac tomorrow.
  8. giggles- which lilac is it? 03, 04 or 06? If it is 06.... I would say the pistachio twiggy would bring the most dough- but there is already that exact bag on eBay right now (w/ no bids as of yet)... so that might work against you. but it will probably bring more than bordeaux or lilac 06. The lilac city you can more than likely get retail for- as with the bordeaux twiggy. some girls seem to prefer bordeaux over grenat! thats a good selling point! but remember that right now seems like kind of a bad time to sell (but a good time to buy) in that a lot of bags are going for retail or lower... or not selling at all at retail. Damn summer slump! grrrr....

    good luck! i give you my best wishes! Good luck with the IVF! *hugs*
  9. yeppers, i agree, the pistachio would probably bring the most $$$ :yes:
  10. It's my 04' lilac :crybaby:
  11. Oh, giggles, I am so sorry to hear that you have to sell one of your lovely bags. I agree with the others that either the Lilac or the Pistachio would be the best bet.
    I hope your IVF is going ok. Hugs and warm wishes to you...
  12. yikes, that would probably got for lots of moola too giggles-girl :girlsigh:
  13. Thanks ladies for the warm wishes. IVF is such a huge process and it is taking up so much of my brain power :smile: Hopefully it will work on the first time but we are not for sure.
  14. wouldnt it be great if we had a savings & loan plan through tPF using our bags as collateral? no need for a car or credit check to put up- just put your rare older bags in our vault in exchange for cash! 8% interest on getting the bag back ;)

    i think the lilac will bring the most in... but it will hard to find another.
  15. I think the Pistachio is probably very desirable and if you have the lilac 04' (which is the one I think you had wanted before) that one is pretty rare too. You can probably get more for these 2 than the bourdeaux, but like mocean said it's probably not such a great time to sell. Everyone seems to be crazy for the new bags right now. Good luck with everything :flowers:.