question for you ladies regarding MJ stella

  1. hi.. its toni22 from the balenciaga forum!

    can someone here tell me what was the first year and season that the MJ stella bag was released with the new nickle hardware after the brass buckel hardware?

    thank you so much... i have one... bought it right when the hardware changed.. but for the life of me cant remember when it was... i am guessing 2002? 2003?

  2. bag.lover's our personal MJ encyclopedia:shame:... she posted this earlier this week.
  3. ^ I read about New stella in NM's MJ book. I often see New Stella listings on ebay, the sellers describe them as 2003 Stella so I'm not too sure.

    Do you still have the original tags? The style number would certainly help. For the past few years, the style number contains the year and season of the item.

    For example, a Fall 2004 Venetia's style number is C342006.
    C stands for Collection (Marc Jacobs), M stands for Marc (Marc by Marc Jacobs).
    4 represents the year (200x)
    2 represents the season (1-Spring, 2-Fall, 3-Resort)

    I believe pre-2004 styles didn't follow this convention.
  4. ^ thank you so much! that helps.. i do have the tags.. but sadly not the orignal receipt. I was getting read to list it and wanted to get all my info correct. I was on a stella roll there for awhile.. I bought my first one in chocolate which has the brass hardware which i love. I loved that bag so much i went back to get a black one, and found the hardware was changed. So i know it was that first season of the new nickle hardware. I never used it as i was not overly in love with the new look.

    will take a look at the tags.. but i do believe it was before 2004. I bought it at the NYC Marc store on Bleeker street. maybe they have records that far back?
  5. Oooh this forum has a lot of good information. I have a black Stella with the fabric lining (wish it was the suede, although I know it's heavier!) and love it to bits.
  6. I believe that's the very 1st MJ store, they might/should be able to help you with the style number. =) I'm still hoping/trying to decode some of my older bags too. Let us know how it goes. =)
  7. The manager is Kristen Jenson..I beleive at the NY MJ store..she is very good....ask her to see if she can help you
  8. thank you Jill.. that is an excellent idea... i live in NYC so i will walk over there tomorrow and ask in person.. it is suppose to be a really nice day.
    will definitely let you all know what i find out. I am guessing it was around 2003 because i got married in aug 2004, and this was definitely a pre husband bag... god knows i got grief on all the post husband bags!! lol:lol:
  9. =) Toni, did you have a chance to stop by the store & ask?
  10. would you believe i walked over there to Bleecker street, and they totally changed the store!

    it it no longer a Marc Jacobs store.. they made it into a Marc by Marc store, and they sell keychains and silly stuff like that. They told me that they moved all the higher end handbags down to the soho store. Unfortunately i did not make it down to soho over the weekend.. its so crowded down there. Figure i will go down during the week and finally get an answer to this mystery!

    will keep you posted!!