Question for you ladies always on the hunt for upcoming bags

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  1. I have a hard enough time deciding what I want to keep from current collections. I have 3 bags with tags still on that I haven't used yet. I can't imagine adding to that confusion with hunting down bags that Coach hasn't even officially released yet.

    I'm just wondering what drives you gals to be on the hunt for the next wave of unreleased bags - and as well - do you keep and use all, most, or not much of what you order.

    I've only ordered one bag sight unseen when I did get caught up in the madness once - the Hampton's Cypress Hobo, and hated it when I saw it, so I swore I wasn't going to order sight unseen anymore. That may be a little tough for me since my store doesn't get all the new releases, but I'm really hoping to keep it to a minimum.

    I've actually found it fascinating watching the hunt since that Fall/Winter thread with the Nitrolicious photos came out back in March I think it was? I mean seriously - the CIA could use that kind of expertise!! :P It's been fascinating watching you guys hunt down the Hamptons, Maggies, Madison's and OMG - The Sophias!!!!!!! just to name a few.

    Anyway, I would love to know what drives you do be on the hunt and also would love to know if you keep most of these bags when you see them.

    So if you'd like to share your experiences, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts, and thanks in advance. :biggrin:
  2. I love to see the bag before it's released to the stores...I wanna be one of the first ones that gets to the bag...I don't usually return the bags but there have been times where I don't like the way they I return and pick another the cycle goes on and on...I am sure I am not the only one that loves the HUNT...Sometimes afraid they will not make it to the stores...But it's fun..I love going into the FP store and telling them I want to order a bag that it's not out yet...
  3. OMG - that actually puts the fear of God in me. My store seems to be SOOOO ANNOYED when you are aware of any upcoming collection - I even called to ask about a keychain (NY Apple) and they were so annoyed at me for even asking about it.
  4. I don't pay much attention to new bags because I don't want to pay full price - ever! I'd rather see what shows up in the outlet and then decide what I have fallen in love with.
  5. Please find another store that wants your business - they are only a phone call away.

    I'm mainly a outlet shopper, but I do find it interesting looking at the results of the search efforts.
  6. I wish I could find another store - the next closest one is a 5 hour drive to Toronto! I know, it's so much fun shopping at a store where you are actually scared of asking about products!
  7. Wow - That's a shame - I would shop online or call customer service direct.
  8. My store loves it when I order new unseen bags. They are just as excited as me! Heck, when I returned the mia inlaid maggie it practically caused an uproar! Of course I did it at the outlet which probably made it worse lol.
    Some of my most loved, loved bags were bought sight unseen.... inlaid peyton, camel patent audrey, floral embroidered audrey, and my large exotic black maggie... oh and the sequins audrey. If I didn't order the floral audrey sight unseen I would not have had the chance to get her! My store didn't get them in and the day that I ordered it she sold out:smile:
    Part of my obsession right now is still trying to replace my patent camel audrey. I can't express how much I loved and miss this bag. And so I've been hunting for SOMETHING close to this. I ended up buying the silver metallic hippie, not exactly the same color but same family. And it just wasn't for me. I LOVED her looks but her style wasn't right. She did find a great home though:smile: (the post office lost her! She was found though thank god, poor hippie:smile:
    Anways... now I'm hoping that this lovely logo leather sophia will be the one. She sure looks like she is!!
    I love the excitement of a new bag, and I kind of get to a point where I see all that coach has in the store and nothing is what I really want right now... but what's coming might be what I want. Does that make sense? It doesn't help that we had a preview for the fall collection in what.... april???? It's been a long long wait.
  9. I'm much more of an outlet buyer than a FP buyer, but I like seeing "what's next" because that's the nature of fashion. Fashion's always "on to the next one", hehe.

    For me, the trouble begins when I hesitate to cut tags because something better may be coming out soon (or heading to the outlets soon). Even after snagging awesome bags that I never knew I "needed", I still seek out what's next. I don't always buy, but looking is lots o'fun.
  10. I myself love to hunt down a fp delete at the outlet. I also shop for fp bags at Macys when I can use special coupons like friends and family and VIP which will give me 20% off of regular price coach. I very rarely shop at coach fp store because everything I like is over 500.00 so I stick to my outlet and Macys. The only time outlet shopping did not work out for me was with the Large Camel Patent Sabrina with the Chain Strap. I did not go outlet shopping last year around November & December when the Patent Sabrinas came in and I lost out. My mind was not focused on handbags because I was renovating my home so I never went on tpf or even shopped for bags. My home came first and took up all my time with picking out kitchen cabinets, tiles and appliances, flooring etc...
    So to answer your question; I love getting a good deal on a full price coach bag especially one I have admired here on tpf and in the Coach Boutique. It's like a rush, a high that makes me happy :biggrin: Coach is my drug; my name is lucydee and I am addicted to Coach.
  11. LOL...we need a thread: Coach Is My Drug; My Name Is:
  12. I lovedddddddd having a customer order a bag that's not out yet! I would request it to be sent to the store or see if she can bring it by so I can see--if she returns it it just means I will have it on hand in case someone interested wanted to order.. technically
    if it's a flagship item you're not suppose
    to have you need to transfer it to that store (flagship) or jax--but I'd keep it a little
    longer :P
  13. My SA always asks me if she can ship it to the store so they can see it...I say sure why not...I love looking at their faces when my bag/bags get there...makes me feel good about my purchase...
  14. ^honestly you'd be my favorite type of customer!!

    lots of people still hesitate even when I said I'd waive the shipping and ship to the store so if they come and see it's not what they want they can return on the spot

    but they still are a bit hesitant :/
  15. I took my Tartan Satchel to Dillards to show them, and SA asked me what other bags the print was coming in. LOL! I told her all about it.

    Yeah, I love getting a new bag...a really new one...I do order sight unseen a LOT, because the only Coach I get to see is Dillards. I have only had one bad experience doing that.
    Saying that, I only buy bags I am completely sure I want...I do not order 5-6 "just to see" if maybe I would like them. I make my decision before I order, that way I am 98% sure I will be happy with it and won't have to send it back, which is a pain. But yes...I do like having a bag before a lot of people in my town do.
    The only downside is that I feel maybe some people in my town might see it and think it is fake because "they" have never seen it before...ya know...the ones who think they know everything about Coach although they don't know what Legacy is? I mean, I do not know everything myself, but I know a lot more than I used to. And as I have said before, fakes are rampant around here. If we had an outlet in my town (not in Charlotte) I am sure the number of fakes would greatly decrease.
    I loved joining here, learning, mingling, revealing, and getting excited about any little pic we could find with the preview. Any drilldown we can ooh and ahh at...any convo about a bag we loved...I love it all. And I love getting a bag that other people want but are unsure about and easing their anxiety with a reveal. I rely on other members to do that too...irl pics are so much better than dd's. So I am thankful there are other people here that do the same thing I do. :smile:
    That's my two cents.