question for you guys

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  1. so i have a friend who has some stuff to list, all high end. ebay has blocked her with their selling restrictions that she can't get lifted. i've been a power seller for years (between silver and bronze) and have not (knock wood) come across that yet. she asked me if i would sell her things for her which is fine, i've done it for friends before. usually i take my pictures outside in natural light but as it's so cold lately i can't so i've been taking them at home where my lighting stinks. still had sales so i'm not worried but they're not optimal pics.

    so here's my question: should i have her send me the things and take the pics myself (which i normally would do) or have her take the pictures herself and list them with her pics and have her ship everything out directly? i would, of course, tell the people in the auction that they were shipped from another location. i believe in full disclosure. but even if you were told that explicitly would it bother you? make you not bid?

    just trying to figure out which way would be best. thanks!
  2. I would have them in my own hands.
  3. Agree, have her send them to you to photograph.

    Then the photos are consistent w/ your listings.
  4. that's what i thought. usually, because of how and where i take my pics, i've pretty much branded myself with them but i'm a little off right now with the weather.
  5. I agree, get them in your hands. It is added shipping, but at least then you will be confident in the condition, etc...
  6. ITA~It is your reputation on the line and that way not only can you be confident of color, authenticity, and condition but you can also know when they are shipped, how they are shipped, ect.

    When you put your reputation that you worked so hard for then I personally would make it my mission to sell the items as if they were my own.
  7. oh she's one of my best friends and i trust her completely. i know how beautiful and amazing her things are and she sells on ebay too- and would sell these herself if it weren't for the stupid restrictions. but i'll have her send it to me if only so we don't have trouble later of people complaining that they were shipped from another location.

    thanks everyone!
  8. Just be sure you agree to everything BEFORE you sell her stuff..this is a problematical, precarious place to put a friendship (selling for someone on ebay) -- no matter how "close" you are. Get it in writing what she expects and what you expect.
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    oh i've sold for friends before. not worried. but thank you! you're right! that's one of the reasons i wanted her to keep the stuff. i hate having my friend's things in my house. i literally never touch it unless it's to list it, answer a question or ship but i feel weird about it. right now i have bags from one of my friends (the last of the things i was selling for her) and i feel awful about it. mainly bc it's a reminder of what i haven't been able to sell for her.