Question for you guys before I hit "buy" on elux...

  1. I am trying to decide if I should get the BH, neverfull mm or the popincourt haut? Any opinions on these bags, what should I go with? I am lost. :shrugs:
  2. I'd get the popincourt haut, personally. I like the BH too and is more useful if you plan on putting papers and files inside, but not too big of a fan of the Neverfull MM.
  3. Neverful
  4. Bh!!
  5. Bh!
  6. Neverfull
  7. I love my Neverfull
  8. i like the BH! It looks like neverfull but has more substance, depends what you want to use it for? I tryed it work a work bag , but with my heavy books it caved at the bottom for an everyday bag I think it would be ok.
  9. lol......had to laugh b/c, when I hit the "buy" button on elux, there's no time to do anything else.....LV reflexes are very quick!!
  10. Bh!
  11. I have the Bh and it's a great bag and it has cell holder and can hold a lot. It also has a zip pocket that can fit a smaller wallet. The popcourt haut is a cute bag it also has a cell holder and it closes securely with a zipper,but it is a bit smaller. Though for smaller bag it can hold quite a bit. It depends on your needs. I have never tried on the neverfull but I don't think it has a cell holder. Hope this helps good luck.
  12. Mine should be quick too. :nogood:
  13. Another BH vote here.

    Let us know what you end up getting. ;)
  14. Neverfull or popincourt. the BH looks weird to not proportionate
  15. Definitely get the BH... more bang for your buck.

    I am not a fan of the Neverfull. :tdown: