Question for you Gucci shoes owners...

  1. So I've found a pair of mules I love - black leather, pointy toe - soo sooo cute. Anyways, I need to buy them online and not sure what size to get? I am always either a 7 (Via Spiga) or 7.5 - how does Gucci run? It always depends on the brand for me which way I need to go, and dont want to have to pay shipping twice if they dont fit....any advice?? Thanks!!!;)
  2. I don't own any Gucci shoes but I'm a 7.5 and tried on a pair of 8 today at Saks and they fit me perfect just like any other 7.5's I own.
  3. hmm im a 5.5 in gucci but a size 6 in other shoes like bcbg. im a 5.5 in nine west tho.
  4. I am a US size 11 and open toe Gucci 11s fit me perfectly...but my close toe Gucci boots or pumps are majorly snug and I have to go through tremendous effort to stretch them out prior to wearing. In close toe shoes especially with high heels I wish I could go up a size but I am the LAST size unfortunately. I say go up a size if the heel is high or it is closed toe. Also depends on if you are a narrow, medium or wide foot person. Oh I have also tried 10.5 sizes in Gucci when desperate for a shoe that no 11s were available and it was ridiculously too small I coudnt even get the front part of my foot in it.
  5. I'm a 10 and for the most part I fit in a 10. Occassionally I need a 9.5 or 10.5 depending on the cut.
  6. I am a 7.5 and have quite a few pairs of GUCCI shoes that are either 7B or 7.5 it all depends on the shoe. Mules I wear 7B, Closed toe Gucci's 7.5, Open toe sandals 7B and sometimes 7.5. I have a narrow foot so if you are normally a 7B in mules you can probably get a way with 7B GUCCI's. I find that in Mules my foot pushes forward so my heel doesn't hang over making it a snug fit sexy fit. I hope that helps.:flowers:
  7. All of my Gucci sandals, shoes and boots run pretty true to size.
  8. I actually go down half a size in their shoes....especially FLATS
  9. I have one pair of Gucci shoes and, I am a size 8. I was going to get them in 8.5 but that size was too big. I don't know if that is usually the case with the brand.
  10. hmmm... the posts back to you all seem to differ and I guess mine's not going to really help out either... unless a ton more people post and you can somehow see a clear majority...

    I normally wear size 7.5US so for Nine West, BCBG, Browns...

    For Italian shoes I wear 38 - so my Guccis and Dolce Gabbanas. But the style I have for all the italian shoes are pointy-toe so I'm not really sure if I'd still be a 38 if I tried some other style of shoe (?)

    hope eventually we'll be able to help you with your choice!
  11. I am true to size generally, but go down 1/2 size in the open-toe slides...
  12. I have lots of gucci shoes and I'm always a 9.5 well as a 9.5 in the majority of other brands so I think they run pretty true to size.
  13. Thank you all for your help! I think I will go for the 7.5, which I normally a, annd since it's a mule with an open back, might fit ok!
  14. My Gucci's both pumps and sandals are true to size 8.. I tried going up half a size in the pump once but it was too big. The 8 stretched pretty fast and fits perfectly now.
    Hope that helps...
  15. i find that my guccis run true to size
    really not much in between for example an 8 is usually too small...9 would be too big...

    i have however tried a 9 in a pair of kitten heel sandals b4 and that fit, but i've no idea if the 8.5 would've been a better fit in that style.
    maybe just casual sandals are more flexible
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