Question for you British girls (living in the Uk)


Feb 1, 2006
I lived in Oxford for 4 years (loved it) anyway, I still get my trashy Heat mag every week and I have not read anything about Davina MCcall in she still around? Also, is Cat still on Eastenders? She was so trashy I could help but love her....I miss my English telly shows....
Davina McCall has a (failing) chat show on BBC 1. I believe she's also expecting another child - her third I think (not a big fan).

Kat has left Eastenders, but she keeps turning up in the glossy mags over her (the actress's personal life). Sorry - I don't think that's very helpful, but I don't watch the soaps anymore. :shame:
lol - yeah Davina still presents Big Brother (once a year) and the Celeb Big Brother which is all for Charity, but i don't like the show myself..;)

Kat left Eastenders a while ago, came back for a bit, then left again with i don't know if she'll be back again - they like to leave the storylines open for them to return, but i missed her last exit.

Never seen Davina on her own show, actually, i've never heard of it, so it can't be that good! lol:P