question for Winternight re: Ann Taylor skirt

  1. Hi, I'm new here. As my name says, I am fashion clueless. My only hope is to get picked for "What not to Wear". :love:

    Anyway, I bought this Ann Taylor skirt that Winternight posted back on September 29, and I need suggestions about tops for a party. It was a total steal at 75% off ($23.99!), so I had to buy it.

    It is a black pleated bubble skirt with red rose floral design. I'm very tall and reasonably thin, and it hits above the knee. Just not sure what to pair it with???
  2. I've been wearing it with opaque black tights and slightly clunkier heels. I also have some knee high boots that I might wear it with now that its colder. I did wear it with nude tights to work, so that's another look I just love opaque tights and they're in for fall.

    For tops I think anything fitted and black is ok, maybe even a sweater top light a turtleneck or a v-neck? If you post pics and a post in the clothing subforum you might get more ideas.

    Glad you like the skirt - what a great deal!