Question for webmasters: is there a way to find out what an image is by the name?


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Jan 2, 2006
This is BUGGING me and I cant figure it out!!! :confused1:

I was sent a picture but it didnt load and I want to know what the picture is! The only information I have is that the attachment image is named 21124222_xl.jpg I googled it hoping that something would turn up but unfortunately no luck :sad:

Does anyone know if there's like an image searcher that will pull up files that are similar in name? Or if anyone knows which site uses numbers to name their pictures, that'll help too!! Thanks sooo much

P.S. I cant ask the original sender!!
The short answer is "no."

What you might try is just downloading the image to your desktop and viewing it in your browser or whatever program you use to view images.

Unless the same image has been posted somewhere so that it would come up in google, and even then, it could be a different image with that name. Every camera software, for example, names images differently by default, and most can be configured to name them in a different way, and of course the user can always name each file however they like, if they want to.

Nor do you know that the image came from a camera. It could have been sent to the sender, who may have some program that downloads images from his/her mail and names them, etc.