question for wapity owners

  1. Does it hold...a cellphone, keys, and koala wallet comfortabley?
  2. I don't have one, but I know it's too small to hold a koala. The other items it'll fit just fine.
  3. Yes, it's too small for a koala. I used mine as a camera case.
  4. Although i dont own one, but i've seen it in real life. I think it is really small, i doubt it will hold a koala.
  5. Too small to hold the Koala wallet. Perhaps you should try the pochette accessories?
  6. it wont hold the koala... smaller cellphones do fit inside. my treo does fit but its kinda awkward when you put it inside and the antenna would stick out.
  7. Yeah, I think the wapity would be to small to hold a Koala wallet.

    The wapity measurements are: 4.3" Length x 3" Height x 1.7" Width.

    I use mine to hold my digital camera.
  8. It fits the razr quite nicely!
  9. It's such a cute bag! I really want one, it's just adorable! At the store it could surprisingly hold more than one might think (but not the wallet)
  10. All but the koala wallet, its too big.
  11. It won't hold a Koala but will fir your cellfone, keys, cards and small papers.
  12. Koala wallet does not fit.

    i usally can put my cell phone, keys,credit cards , blotting papers,and lip gloss
  13. here's what i can fit into my Wapity:


  14. The wapity is very useful.
  15. everything but the koala. i've used mine to hold my camera and ipod.