question for vuitton lovers!

  1. bought an LV cabas piano from eluxury and was delivered this week . my question is : for this particular bag, is a care card included. i will try to attch a photo of what i got with the bag.thanks for your help!
    31307 073.jpg
  2. If you're referring to a care booklet, then no. They only come with specialty or limited edition items (groom, onatah, etc.)
  3. I just want to congratulate on your new bag, it is my favorite and i want to get it as well, enjoy !!!
  4. CONGRATS on a new bag!!!:yahoo: Care booklet doesn't come with any of the mono items but it does exist.:yes:
  5. :smile: thanks a lot guys!
    TPF rocks! i do love the cabas piano. it is definitely an everyday bag. again, thnk you,thank you!
  6. congrats! I love that bag! I can't decide if i should get that or the cabo mezzos one day
  7. oooh, good for you, enjoy that new bag.
  8. Congrats on the new bag. I got my Piano from eluxury and I didn't get a care booklet.
  9. Congrat's on the new bag :smile: nice choice.
  10. congrats! for the new baggie!~
  11. Congrats! Love the Piano!
  12. Gosh, I could of sworn there was a care booklet for Monogram Canvas. Congrats on the new bag!
  13. congrats! looks good!
  14. thanks a lot for the congratualtions and encouragements!! it makes me want more...more...more! i am really gonna get in trouble now!was just talking to a fellow tpfers re: this addiction. what really started me here is PRICESCOPE forum then THE PURSE FORUM then this brought me to HONESTforum (for denim lovers) . my, my!what next?? makes my dh wanna :smash: the!!
  15. congrats on your new bag. I have it and love it.