Question for US sellers...

  1. I have a question for all you US shipping pros... a friend of mine in NY is new to selling on eBay and she needs to send a bag from the US to Canada and she was planning to use USPS Priority Mail International. Can you please tell me if this would be a good shipping method to choose? Does it offer insurance, tracking and can you get signature on it?

    Thank you!
  2. The priority mail doesn't track or insure. I always use the expess mail instead.
  3. If the bag is over $250.00 you are required by Paypal (for seller protection) to ship with signature confirmation which you get if you insure. I would insure anything over $50 even if buyer did not op for it.

    USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation and insured is what I recommend. You will get a tracking number. Only ship to comfirmed address! Check out the price of USPS EMS if Priority cannot be tracked to Canada (not entirely sure). EMS is probably more expensive but if your friend is shipping a 1K bag, the extra money is worth it.

    There is a thread below with suggestions for seller, read it, it has great information for seller to protect yourselves.

    Good luck to your friend!
  4. Thanks. But does the method you recommended about offer signature?
  5. NO, the safest way to ship something of high value is either EMS through the post office (trackable and signature confirmation available) or for extra security and probably quicker ship times, I use FedEx. FedEx is expensive for high ticket items but frankly I just don't trust the regular mail with a really pricy bag. Anything over like $500, I ship EMS. Anything over $2000 I ship FedEx.

    USPS *does* lose things randomly at times; they still have NO idea what they did with a little Kooba bag I shipped out on the 18th :rolleyes: Thank God it was insured and has delivery confirmation.
  6. You can insure and track priority mail, with the exception of the flat rate envelope. However, the tracking is not super reliable. I always use EMS.