Question for UK members posting thru Royal Mail?

  1. I posted an item through Royal Mail Recorded delivery, which hasn't yet arrived at its destination 15 days after I posted it.

    I'm an idiot though, as the item sold for £40 and the insurance on Royal Mail only covers you for £32.

    Has anyone ever made a claim to Royal Mail for an item more expensive than the insurance. Do they just pay the £32.00 or try to get out of paying anything because the item is in excess of the insurance.

  2. I just filed a claim with them, no reply in nearly 2 weeks...
    but the item was £36 and so I just put item value £32 and left it at that
  3. I would check this out before you file a complaint. Royal Mail are having problems at the moment and Pracels which should take a few days are taking a week so this might be your problem, ask your local post office if there has been any delays. :smile:
  4. Did you fill in the claim and not list it as an eBay sale, as the claim form does state eBay sale and asks for copies of paperwork/transaction.
  5. aye, I did, but on the form, they just ask how much you want, I gave them all the paperwork tho
  6. When I picked up a claim form today, I asked the same question, but she couldn't say whether they would pay up or not.

    She never mentioned any problems, and just said it would have been lost at the other end (but she would say that).:sad: