Question for Twiggy Owners.

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  1. Hi people,

    I have a quick question. I'm in love with the twiggy style, and I certainly will get it in other colors. For those of you who wear the handles on your shoulder, do you remove the shoulder strap and store it at a different place. Or do you leave the straps on even if you don't use it?
  2. I wear the bag over my shoulder with the main handles when I get tired. The bag looks great with the strap, although I have never used it! so with my twiggy the strap stays on indefinitely.
  3. I'd keep the strap on, just in case I need both hands.
  4. I leave the strap on.
  5. i leave the shoulder strap on, but i never use it.
  6. i love the twiggy style too. i take the strap off since i never use it. i think it looks great with it just hanging though. i am just too lazy to put it back on.
  7. same here, i leave the strap on :o)
  8. Ditto.
  9. I keep mine on !
  10. I leave the it on.
  11. I leave the strap on, but I use the handles to carry it. The strap fits nicely with the rest of the bag- it does not hang down and look like a dangling strap, it just fits in with the design.
  12. I left it on and never remove the shlder strap and it applies the same to my other bbags....:smile:
  13. I leave mine on and use it quite often, especially if I'm shopping and have my hands full. It looks great hanging with the tassels. The more I have dangling from mine the better I like it! It just suits that casual style IMO. :p
  14. I have been leaving it on, but I think I am going to try it off as well.
  15. I always leave the strap on and do it carry that way sometimes. Even if I never used the shoulder strap, I love the look of it hanging down. :yes: