question for trevi owners

  1. hi! my friend's mom is in hongkong right now and she was able to secure 2 trevi pms (one for her and one for her friend) and i really really want one, my DH already gave me the go signal! she said she'll find me one if i want. coz their's were the last two peices in the store they went to. so my question is: trevi owners, do you encounter problems with your bags? are they as awesome as i think? should i get one? TIA!!:heart:
  2. my friend's mom just called.. she already got me one, last one in another store! pls cross your fingers for me! i hope the bag is in perfect condition! too bad she can't bring the box with her though coz its kinda heavy.. oh well, i'll just have to wait till tuesday when she gets back.. :yahoo:
  3. Congrats on your new baby. :yahoo:

    I really like Trevi PM. I think it's classic and practical yet versatile and roomy. Don't forget to post pics when you get it.
  4. i love love love the trevi its one of my fave bags
  5. agreed! the only issue i have is that sometimes i don't know how to sit with it when i'm on the subway, b/c i want to try and not smush it as much as possible! Otherwise, i've used mine for almost 3 months straight, and it still looks daaaaaaamn sexy! ;)
  6. Oh... I soooo want that bag!!! Congratulations, and YES, please post pics!!!
  7. thanks everyone! i'll post pics as soon as it arrives!! i can't wait! i accidentally called my cat 'trevi' earlier :lol: and he was like :weird:..'you talkin to me? ' :confused1: its really love at first sight with this bag, and though its above my average budget for a bag i'm sure its gonna be worth it..
  8. oops..

  9. CONGRATS!!! I want this bag too !! :yahoo:

    Feel so sad its OOS in Singapore and the SA also dunno when the stock come in... :crybaby:
  10. :nuts:Congrats! That's a great choice!!:tup:
  11. thanks! actually the weird thing was.. when i called LV store in HK the SA said sorry but out of stock on all boutiques.. but my friend's mom and her friend were able to buy one each plus another one for me (the last stock).. her mom called first to confirm if i want it, i didn't need to think about it i just said get it get it!!! :yahoo: so tonight, i can sleep well...
  12. btw, my son likes it too! he's on the first picture!! :heart: and DH thinks its gorgeous..
  13. congrats cute bag
  14. Gorgeous! It looks great on you. I want this bag too but I'm afraid it looks too much like the cabby.