Question for Trevi Owners...I Need Your Help !!!

  1. Hi Guys...I come here because I know you're extremely helpful. I have 2 important questions:

    1. Is it normal to have wrinkles in the middle of the long strap that hangs on the Trevi. I got one by mail from one of the boutiques and the sides (the part of the long strap where there are buckles) are ok and wrinkle free however the middle where it says Louis Vuitton is that normal? Do you guys that have this bag see/experience the same?

    2. Do you prefer the Trevi PM or the Trevi GM way too big?

    Thank You So Much For Your Help.
  2. Hi there, congrats on your purchase!!! I have recently got the same bag, and I do not notice any wrinkles on the large straps. I suggest you call to ask for a fix or replacement.
    Its such a nice bag!!! The Trevi PM was big enough for my everyday use... Its a fabulous bag!! Enjoy!
  3. Hmmmm...which boutique did you buy the bag from? Can you post pics of the wrinkles? I don't think it should have those....
  4. I love this bag, maybe its just from the bag being shipped. If you can, def try to take it in and have someone look at it. Also the PM is the perfect size IMO Good luck!!!
  5. Hmm... wrinkles on a brand-new strap? I don't think that's normal. I'd ship the strap back and ask for a new one.

    As for the size preference, I like the PM more.
  6. i think pm is perfect especially if you're petite.
  7. depends on your need, I presonally like GM b/c the straps are adjustable. Wrinkles on the embossed triangle leather? definitely send it for exchange!
  8. Does anyone have a link? I can't find Trevi on eluxury...thanks
  9. it's sold out on elux, but if you go to it should be in there. we also have IRL model pix in our Clubhouse.
  10. Yeah. if you can post pics that would be better for us to figure. but I don't think mine has wrinkles...

    BTW I Love my PM it's perfect !!
  11. I don't think that's normal. You should definitely get it fixed. I tried on the GM at the store at first cause the PM was soldout. I thought it was to big so I bought the PM. But now, after using it for a month, I think it's kind of too small. My bag is always really full and I have to organize everything carefully to have room for everything I need. And I think the opening on the PM is a little big too small, I wished it was a little wider. Other than that, loves it!
  12. I purchased the Trevi PM for my daughter for Christmas and it is wrinkles....Further, I have purchased Vuitton products for more than 20 years and I have yet to receive anything that has wrinkles...Contact Vuitton customer service and request a replacement strap...I hope you enjoy your new Trevi as much as my daughter loves hers....
  13. Hi Guys you told me to post pictures so you could see if this is normal or a problem with my trevi. I just got it yesterday by mail. The problem is in the long strap that hangs. Should I return it and wait for a new one? or Do they give you replacement straps? What should I do?

    DSC01054.JPG DSC01055.JPG
  14. return it that's completely absurd!

    i've had my trevi and used it almost everyday since october (granted, i've only used the shoulder strap once to prevent from stretching it out), but it still looks perfect.

    you def. shouldn't keep it if it's already wrinkled and you haven't used for replacement straps, i have no idea if they have those - but i would DEFINITELY not keep that strap! :tdown:
  15. I had that type of wrinkling with my cabas piano... so annoying!