Question for tpfers who store Coach in pillowcases

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  1. Tpfers,

    If you store your coach in pillow cases, do you have any recommendations on material or color?

    I'm at target and they have White pillow cases that are 60% cotton, 40% polyester. They don't look like anything I would want to sleep on, but they might work for my dustbagless bags.

  2. I keep my Gigi in a white cotton pillowcase because she didn't have one when I got her!
  3. Mine are in cotton, but that's only because I'm using extra pillowcases that we already had on hand.
  4. I don't use any at the moment, but my suggestions are white (seems like you figured that) and more cotton if possible (for breatheability). But even less cotton ones should work fine, considering they don't use cotton ones at the FP stores anymore. HTH!
  5. Thanks for input.

    I trade the ones I had for 100% cotton ones. More expensive but I bought less. (Which is probably a good thing too.)
  6. :love: ahhhh.....GiGi
  7. Cotton is best and the best price point.