Question for Tokidoki fans

  1. For all tokidoki fans out there, which tokidoki for LeSportsac style is your favorite?
    I have 4 myself (bambione and stellina in playground, gioco in citta, and buon viaggo in inferno). I heard the new prints will be released soon, and I have to get them! I'm just not sure which style I will be getting.
    So, me decide...:confused1:
  2. My favorite styles are the Ciao Ciao (because it's big enough that you get the whole print on each bag, and the strap length is really versatile), the Campeggio (great for when you need to carry around a lot of stuff!), the Zucca (roomy & stylish) and the Bambione (looks small, but it holds a lot).
  3. my fav is my dolce, it's small but holds pretty much everything I need. I also have a campeggio, it's great for overnights for me, and I am planning on getting a mamma mia and gioco for the new prints coming out this year...

    I think a lot depends how you wear your purse, how much you have, and what feels most comfortable for you! I know some girls mentioned they thought the zucca slipped a lot on the shoulder? And for me, the ciao ciao was too deep/flat for my taste, so I think it just depends what you like! :jammin:
  4. I have the Gioco and Campeggio in inferno and i love them both. I thought they would be too big but then I realized I carry a lot of unnecessary junk.
  5. Thanks for all your reply!

    I tried Ciao Ciao but I felt its kinda too big for me, but I like the design. I've been thinking about Ciao, but with Ciao, I cant get too many of the 'print' :sad:

    I saw someone wearing inferno campeggio, and it looks nice! Its just a 'bigger' stellina tho, but I put that under my consideration.

    been thinking of shoulder bags since most of my tokidoki are sling bags. Anyone have a bella? does it often slip off on the shoulder? or dolce or bambino is better?

    for hazelnut: Gioco is my favorite style, I just love it! u won't regret it.

    I hope LeSportsac release new styles for the tokidoki collection :s
  6. hi azumi. my favoritest of the bag styles is the mamma mia, it's so versatile. you can wear it on your shoulder or hand-carry it. it's very roomy if you have a lot of things in your purse but also looks good w/just a few things in it. That's my recommendation.

    And a friend of mine found out from this very board about a new upcoming line called Amore. And when I met Simone in person a couple weeks ago at Lesportsac, he told me about a beach theme coming soon. I don't know if that's the same as the pirate one or not.
  7. I love my Stellina because I can wear it over the shoulder or across the body as a messenger. I am constantly amazed at the amount of stuff I can cram into it and all the pockets keep me organized.

    I'm 5'1" so some of the larger LeSportsac bags are too big for me proportionate-wise (even though you can get the entire pattern on them). I find the Stellina to be the perfect size.
  8. I have a Citta Rosa Campeggio and I love it. I use it as a back-up weekender bag for when my Tommy Hilfiger duffel bag can't fit anymore clothes. I am considering getting a Luna to replace the TH duffel :yes: I also think the Gioco style is really cute!
  9. I would have to say its a toss up between my Mamma Mia in Inferno or my Tokidoki print in Dolce. It depends on what you want it for. When I go to school and just want to carry my essentials, the small dolce suprisingly holds lots of things. (My camera, cell phone, tokidoki wallet, lip gloss, make-up, extra notepad and a few pens) But when I want to carry more I use the Mamma mia bag so I can put my cardigan and pencil case and snacks for school or work inside. I want a ciao bag (I agree, ciao ciao is too big for me- im 5'1 also) but I really tend to favor bags I can keep on my shoulder.
  10. i have the bella in foresta and it actually stays on your shoulder pretty well! (or maybe i have broad shoulders..hahaha) but you should look for one to try on your shoulder before you purchase. personally, i love the bella and the dolce :] both fit alot, but obviously the bella can hold more. usually carry around my cell, card wallet, cash wallet, lotion, tissues, keys, and my nintendo DS for classes i dont feel like listening in ;] i wanna get a mamma mia but i can never seem to find those anywhere...just the too-big-for-my-needs buon viaggio =/

    so yea, my suggestion is shop around, look for the different styles, try them on, and see what fits your needs best :] good luck!
  11. Me either! Why is this?? :confused1: Every store I go to always seems to have the buon viaggio, but never the mamma mia. I want to get a mamma mia in the pirate print and am thinking I am going to have to go to the actual LeSportsac store on Madison Avenue.
  12. Another vote for ciao ciao. I got it unexpectedly, but LOVE it.
  13. I think that's summer's print he was talking about. :smile:
  14. oh i know, tell me about it! i really want *something* in mamma mia, its the only style i dont have (among others but i dont really care for the others) and go figure, its the one thats hardest to find! i really dont wanna pay full price for it but if push comes to shove...*looks at wallet tearfully*
  15. I wish I could get discounts like you guys! It hurts my wallet thinking I paid 164.00 for my mamma mia in Inferno just because I live in Hawaii, and you guys in Cali go pick yours up from Nordstroms for like, 100. :sad: