Question for those with the Iphone

  1. Question for those with the Iphone

    My DH's Birthday is coming up in a next week and since he has everything and is impossible to shop for, the only thing I know he wants is an Iphone. He currently has a Treo. We have a VERY old cell phone plan that I can never get back if I change to the Iphone. Since I would be changing my plan I would also get one.

    I have read lots of complaints about them on so I am not 100% sure about it yet. What do those that have them think about them? .

    We would not be using the Ipod part for music since we are getting the new 160gig Ipods (Our 80gig's are full.) We would mostly be using it for the Internet and maybe for video since the screen is so cool.
  2. If you're using it for's going to be slow (unless you are always at wi-fi hotsposts). The iPhone uses EDGE which is slightly faster than the old 56K modems. 3G, however, is broadband speed, and obvs, much faster. I'd go to the AT&T store, pull up some sites on the iPhone (make sure wi-fi is off), then pull up some on the 8525 and compare speeds.
    With 3G, you can also listen to internet radio on the go...which to me, is a plus. Also, streaming video is actually watchable
  3. I had a few issues learning how to use mine at first..LMAO..which is prob just me being clueless in general....hehe
    I adore mine and use it ALL THE TIME.YES..sometimed EDGE is slow..but most of the times its fab.I dont know what Id do without it now,It was my all time best purchase!
  4. I love my iPhone. I am a former BlackBerry addict and would never trade my iPhone back for a BlackBerry. Go for it!
  5. Riiiiight...I saw your post in a certain thread in the health forum ;)
  6. IMO best phone every ....well for know anyway I had email issues only ..but other than that the features and the phone is off the hook
  7. I know I sound like a broken record here, but really, the iPhone isn't anything groundbreaking. It uses old technology and there are plenty of phones out there that are cheaper and do more. HTC phones are using a full touch interface, and there are 3rd party companies that offer visual voicemail. The ONLY thing the iPhone has is fantastic marketing and a nice design. The iPhone is very stylish and clean, which I'm a fan of, however, if you really want to take advantage of mobile web features, it's not the phone.
    Like I said, do some research before you buy. I'm willing to bet that most of the people who are raving about the iPhone have never even owned a multimedia phone before and therefore, weren't aware of the capabilities of other mobile phones. They're coming from a Razr or some random flip phone, not a Dash or 8525.
  8. Charles, what other phones use WiFi? I'm kinda ignorant to other phones. My iPhone screams as long as I'm in a WiFi zone. Which is just about all the time!

    I also love that the "buttons" are bigger. While I don't have a problem seeing "up close", some of my friends use reading glasses when they use their blackberry. The iPhone interface is easier to see.
  9. I have the iphone and love it. The camera is amazing and I don't find the internet to be all that slow. I had the 8525 and MUCH prefer the iphone. =)
  10. I have owned every phone that has made a major impact and I do think the iphone tops them all as I stated IMO its off the hook the best thing anyone can do is try it for themselves or research it and see if its what you want
  11. Maxter...the HTC Wizard (ie Tmo MDA, AT&T 8125), the HTC Hermes (ie AT&T 8525), the Dash all have wifi...there are more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.
    And you know, it does boild down to preference. Kara has the MDA, so I'm familiar with that horizontal slide and WM5/6 HTC touch interface. I have the Treo 650, and I'm familiar with that interface and the Palm OS. I also have a couple of friends with the iPhone, so I've used theirs somewhat frequently. After coming from my phone and Kara's phone with tons of extra stuff and 3rd party apps, and after the cool factor of the iPhone wore off, I was basically saying "ok, is that it?". But hey, I'm a geeky kind of guy who likes to tweak and tinker, and the Palm OS (which is almost dead) and WM5/6 platforms have tons and tons of cool, free stuff you can add on your phone. Hell, there's even an iPhone skin, for WM, that pretty much mimics the same operations.
  12. I LOVE my iphone! Enough that I don't even care about the whole $200 price drop and only getting $100 credit that has everyone all riled up now. There are so many things I love about it...but I think one of the best for when I travel is not needing to carry a phone and my ipod...I can load it up with 12+ hours of video and some of my favorite tunes and it entertains me on the plane and the quality of the video is excellent...don't think I'll ever watch video on my video ipod again.

    That, and I love that text messages show up as conversations like in ichat so you can go back and see other messages with that person.
  13. eh the iphone is kinda cool but I agree with charles on this one ( I work in a retail AT&T store). If you mainly plan on using it for internet the iphone whould not be my first choice. I can get any free phone in the store (beside the iphone) and I love my blackjack. I have had it since the day it came out and refuse to let them have it back. Now that I have a phone with the 3g I actually use it!
  14. i was wondering the pros and cons as well, about the iphone. i have the 16g ipod touch, and a blackjack... so i was thinking, why not combine the two, and just get the iphone? but i have since decided to wait on the second generation version, if i decide i still want it by then... it might come out even better, maybe not, but time will tell!
  15. Well, I bought him (and I‚ an Iphone. At first he was very happy. But before we opened and activated it we read a bunch of cons on So back it went. I got him a LV Damier 6 Key Holder instead and he loves it.