Question for those with leather Sophias...

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  1. Do they stand up on their own when filled or do they lay on their side? I searched around but didn't seem to find an answer to this.

    I called my local Coach store and they said they weren't available in the store to purchase yet but that I could come in and view one in person and order one to be shipped.
  2. Not sure about the leather sophia's standing..But I don't understand why some stores let you buy the Sophia's now and some don't,hhhmmm..That is odd!I hope you find the answer, sorry I couldn't help more:smile:
  3. The leather sophia stand up on there own.
  4. Yeah, I know. Strange. I was really hoping to get one soon if I liked it but I guess when I go tomorrow I will have to order one instead. In fact, she seemed really surprised I even knew about them at all.
  5. wow, that is even more odd..Since alot of Coach Stores are letting us buy them now before they are Offically released..I'm not complaining at all.I just feel bad for those who want a sophia now..You either have to wait or order and wait, it just doesn't seem fair to me!But still, either have your store hold 1 or order to make sure you get the color and size you want;)Are there any other stores in your area that may let you purchase one? Most stores seem to have different policie's.
  6. I just called a second store in my area and got the same story. I can come in and ask to look but cannot purchase today. In fact, she didn't even say anything about ordering and once again, she paused and stammered when I asked if they had them. Is it some secret to the public when new bags come in?
  7. I just bought 2 today, My SA brought them out from the back, a whole handfull so I could choose what I want..
  8. That stinks because clearly there are plenty of store that will sell them to you now, I bought another small one in the dot op art print today...

    To answer your question though, I have the small black leather Sophia and it does stand on it's own, but it has become very slouchy - which I love :love:
  9. generally you're not suppose to sell it if it's not on the floor yet but some managers will make the decision to sell early if, they are already available to the public by another means (e.g. dept stores macys and nordstroms has them already and it's displayed for sale)

    some managers will still insist on ordering it for you so they will have enough on hand to put on display and a few to sell--some managers don't think that far, do not care or, is wanting to make the sale and not have the customer disappointed

    either way standard procedure is only to sell it when it's on the floor and floorset isn't for another week or so

    but, managers can always make exceptions, with discretion

    its not like they're displaying the bags on the floor for sale, they bring it out from the back ;)