Question for those with iphone...!

  1. How do I play continuous music on my playlist? I have some songs from different albums on my "on the go" playlist but it would never play it continuously and it is getting rather annoying having to click on every song.

  2. When it is the "Now Playing" mode (with the album cover in the center), click on the album cover, and then click on the looping arrow icon on the very left. clicking it once will loop the whole playlist/songs, and another click (with the (1) on the arrows now) will loop one song. HTH!
  3. Wow magic! Thanks so much! I didn't even see that looping arrow thing LOL!
  4. LMAO.....I didnt know u could do that!
    I just hit SHUFFLE normally!!HEHE!
  5. ^Yeah that was what I used to do but the random play of music is annoying because I alread ordered the music in order of favorites on my playlist LOL...