Question for those with Coach sneakers...

  1. Monday is my birthday, and I'm thinking of using my birthday cash to order the Marie Ballet flats (the patchwork flats). Do coach sneakers and casual shoes run true-to-size? I ask because I wear 7.5 in heels and flats but an 8 in most running shoes. TIA.

    Neither of the Coach stores in my area carries them, so I'd have to order them. :shrugs:
  2. I had a thread about the katelyn sneakers and sizing...

    Here's the thread. It has useful info in there:

    Some say they run long and narrow, some a little larger so go down half a size.

    If anything order them from somewhere where you can return them if they don't quite fit.

  3. I had to order my Coach flip-flops a half size bigger than I normally wear, and the sneakers were also true, they were too narrow and I had to bump those up half a size when I was trying them on. Coach's shoes do seem to run long and narrow so if you have wide feet you'll need a slightly bigger size.
  4. I have wide feet. I got one size larger.
  5. Last weekend I bought the "Kate" in khaki and bronze, and I've found that it's true-to size. However, the sales associate told me that she had purchased the patchwork sneaker, and that it and other shoes ran large; when I tried the other shoes on she brought me out a half-size small, but they still felt too small to me. So if I were you I'd order the size I normally wear.
  6. Same most shoes I can do a 6.5, but I end up needing a 7 in Coach shoes. I have the Katelyns and I tried on a 6.5 and a 7....the 6.5 fit but was a little tight across the toe so I went with the 7.
  7. Thanks for the input....I'll probably go with an 8 then since I don't have wide feet....I'll post here if I order them! :smile:
  8. i have a 6.5 size foot. i have coach shoes in 5.5 (older sneakers), 6.0 (sandals and sneakers and ballet flats) and a 6.5 (ballet flats)

    you have got to go in and try them on. sorry to be the one to have to break it to you.
  9. I have found that the coach sneakers run big/wide. I have a medium to wide foot (usually buy medium width though -- in strappy sandals sometimes I need wide).

    I am an 8 in shoes normally, and an 8.5 in sneakers (nike/reebok/adidas)

    I have the Dalia sneakers in size 8 but honestly I could've gotten a 7.5.
    I tried on some flip flops recently and also could have worn a 7.5.
    The espadrilles fit in the 8 (a little narrow though)
    I tried on Mayra and the 8 was perfect (length and width)
    I have Ciara II sandals and bought 7.5 but could've gotten the 8.

    I guess the bottom line is that everything runs different.. if what you're looking for is limited, I'd order two sizes and return one of them after trying them on.
  10. Was that really necessary? But thank you for your size information.
  11. I wear 7 for flats and flip flops and 8 for sneakers at Coach. I guess it depends on your foot shape. My advice is to try a similar pair of shoes on at your local Coach store and then order the shoes.
  12. I always get my right shoe size. They always seem to fit right.
  13. I just purchased the denim Barrett sneakers today and they fit me perfectly in my regular ginormous size of 11. I am concerned they make my feet look extra big but that is another issue.
  14. personally, i would try them on in at least 2 different sizes. i have 3 pairs of coach sneakers and they all fit different. well, actually one pair is a half size too large, but for the price they were worth it, lol.

    i wear a 9.5 to a 10. usually 10 in boots, loafers, sandals, etc., and a 9.5 in everything else. the katelyn's were my most recent purchase and the khaki/white fit PERFECT in 9.5 and i could only fit the 10 in the black...go figure.

    also, follow the golden rule of shoe shopping - try shoes on at the end of the day when your foot is at its widest.
  15. i m a ginormous 11 too!!! the 10s fit me in that flat though... that s a whole size down.. its not like a sneaker in terms of size to me!