Question for those with Chestnut Bags

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  1. I was thinking I may have to get a Carla before it's too late. I have the Maria in Terraine and love it but I shouldn't get another in the same clor and plus they are pretty scarce. So I was thinking the Chestnut.

    What I want to know is how is the leather? Does it scratch easily and if it does can you rub it out? Is it shiny or does it have variation to the leather? It's so hard to tell from online pics. I don't care for the Metallic Brown ones. Am I going to be disappointed in the Chestnut if I compare it to my Terraine (which is one of the most awesome leathers Kooba made)?
  2. Lexie, I've been eyeing that Carla for months, like the fact that it is a bit bigger than the Maria, so I'm actually bidding on one at the moment, hope I get lucky...white flower just received a Ginger in Chestnut, have a look at her thread:smile:
  3. I had the Carla and the shoulder straps are wide and hard to stay on, other than that it's the same leather as the Ginger. Not as soft and smooshy as some and does scratch easily but you can rub it out easily too.
  4. Thanks Girls....I got the Terraine from Bluefly. I don't want the white scratches and the Terraine is unfinished and distressed so little marks never are seen.