Question for those with Alma PM.....

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  1. Hi, :biggrin:

    I am debating on purchasing the Vernis Alma PM and wondering if there are any pros or cons for this bag. (I think I'll be getting it in Amarante?)

    Do you love the size? Can it hold about the same amount as a Speedy 30?

    Thanks in advance!;)

    p.s. My other choice was the Montorgueil PM but my friends say I should go for Alma PM.
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    I have an Alma Pm in Amarante. The pros are that is a lovely bag and it looks always different in colour (sometimes almost black, sometimes purple, sometimes when the sun is shining sparkly); it can hold a lot (but not as much as a 30 , I think more 25). The cons are that it is only handheld and a little "stiff" and I don't like the visible fingerprints maybe the other colours are better for this, like the Blue Nuit. GL and let us know what you picked!!!
  3. I have the PM in Amarante. I think it's a gorgeous bag and it can hold quite a bit. The fingerprints and dust does get annoying, so I have to carry my cleaning cloth with me because I like my bag to be clean at all times! I can't wait til new colors release because I would definitely like to have another one
  4. The vernis alma pm is my latest obssession, LOL! Mine's amarante too and I find it quite roomy for the stuff I carry (a small purse organiser, a zippy wallet, handphone, tissue packs, a pair of sunny), more like the capacity of a speedy 25 but slightly wider. The colour is amazing and goes with almost everything. I don't have a lot of problem with finger prints since I mainly touch the handles only, but hate the dust - it shows quite easily and I am very particular about that! Aside from that no other complaint, and it's not a flaw I can't live with either, so I still love it to bits! Go for it!
  5. I have an amarante MM and I love it. I got it when it first came out. I think if the PM was out at the same time I probably would have gotten the pm. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my MM.

    Get the Alma!!!!

  6. I have the Alma PM in Bleu Nuit, and it certainly doesn't show fingerprints as much as amarante.

    In terms of size I think the PM is perfect. I never bought an Alma before PM came out - even though I LOVED the look of them - just because the larger ones are just too big & awkward for me to carry around comfortably considering the shape & way it's carried. I was SO excited when they came out with smaller sizes!!
  7. Can you fit ipad2 to alma pm?
  8. i have the alma pm in amarante and i absolutely adore it! i'm using it today with the monogram map bandeau in prune (coordinates perfectly with amarante!). it holds a good deal for the size. today i'm carrying zcp, kate spade small agenda (thicker than an LV agenda), sunglasses in their case, blackberry, 2 lipsticks and 2 glosses, keys on MC cles. it doesn't hold as much as a speedy 30 since it's very structured. i absolutely love it though when i know that i don't need to carry everything and the kitchen sink with me!
  9. I own PM in Bleu Nuit and MM in Amarante. I actually prefer my PM because it doesn't feel so stiff because it's smaller than the MM. I also love the color of my PM because the Bleu Nuit doesn't show fingerprints. I do love my MM Amarante Alma, but it does feel a little stiff and bulky sometimes because of the size. I also love the Amarante color (IMO it's the prettiest color they've ever created) but it does show every single fingerprint and it drives me crazy sometimes. I feel that the PM does fit about the same amount of stuff as my Speedy 30 but I don't over stuff my bags. Some people think that the MM can become heavy when you put all your things in it but I have never had this problem with my MM. Both are gorgeous! And you can always get the other size and color later. You can never have too many Vernis Almas ;) Good luck deciding!
  10. Does anyone own the Alma in Terre D'ombre? I'm debating between Amarante & Terre D'ombre.. Terre D'ombre is sold out I think.. & If the color is prettier, I don't want to have to settle for Amarante....
  11. Yes, get it! The PM is the best size. In my opinion, no, it doesn't hold the same amount like a Speedy 30 but it is too nice of a bag. The Vernis itself is not that delicate. Go get one...:smile:
  12. I have the Pm in Amarante and LOVE IT! I tried on the MM but it was so big on me and the base of the MM was to bulky.. I highly recommend this bag. The fingerprint issue is the only downside to the bag but I carry the cloth that came with the bag to wipe away the prints. Also, if hold everything that my speedy 30's carry.

    This is a lovely bag! Go for it!!!
  13. The fingerprints and dust were things I could not live with- I bought the ebene damier Alma instead for this very reason. It was killing me b/c there was a "Made in France" Alma amarante available- but practicality brought me to my senses- I could not justify such a "precious" bag for everyday. I wanted the Alma as a workhorse bag and the damier fits the bill for me. I do have amarante vernis ballerina shoes and plan on a zippy coin purse but am passing on bags.
  14. I am debating getting the alma pm in amarante. i know you also have the idylle speedy and so do i . how do you feel they compare to heaviness? I think the speedy idylle is pretty light. When i am out shopping i just use the extender strap and use it crossbody. the alma is just hand held. What kind of outfits do you wear your vernis alma with? I feel this is a dressier bag but i guess you can still wear it with jeans..? Any info would be greatly appreciated? :smile:
  15. the idylle speedy is definitely lighter. i wouldn't say that the alma pm is super heavy though.
    i pretty much will wear whatever with my alma. i've worn my vernis alma with jeans before and without being super dressy. i'm carrying it to work today on a casual friday. i have on jeans and a grey argyle sweater. not dressy at all :smile:
    when i take my alma out shopping with me, i won't carry as much in it since i know it's only handheld. so rather than take my entire cosmetic bag, i'll just take a gloss and a lipstick or i won't carry my agenda with me. i love the amarante alma pm since it definitely has some flash to it, but is in an understated color. it puts a smile on my face whenever i carry it! :biggrin: