question for those who've ordered from LVR

  1. how long after you place the order did it take before you got the bag? Is there some kind of Fed Ex form you have to fill out before they ship? And, does anyone know if they send the customs bill by fax only---i ask because my fax is my very public work machine and I don't need the busybodies here knowing what I'm buying...also, about how much of a percentage IS that customs Fed Ex tax?
    thanks! I really appreciate any info
  2. They ship right away but Fed Ex holds it until they get your information. It can't clear customs without your information. They fax it to you because they need a signature. You might be able to go to a distribution center, if you don't want a fax. You might ask them when they contact you.

    The import fee is generally about 10%. The good thing is that subsequent orders from LVR, FedEx will ship right to you and bill you for the fees.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I ordered a Mulberry Phoebe bag from them recently which was the first time I've ever ordered something overseas. I had to fill out a form and fax it back to FedEx. I was told by LVR and FedEx that since the bag was under a certain amount of money (I forget the figure now) I would not have to pay taxes, etc. The bag came a couple of days later. However, I just got a bill from FedEx for $57.00 I called FedEx to find out why I received a bill. THey said the FedEx person I spoke to originally was not a duties expert. I had to pay duty charges. It was still a great deal so I'm happy. The bag came a little crushed, but other than that it was fine. I haven't gotten my credit card bill yet to see what the actual cost was.
  4. I just got the same bill as Kat. It was a 10% "tax" plus a $25 FedEx fee.