Question for those who work at Coach...

  1. I'm just wondering, what happens when a customer returns an item the sale of which was credited to a particular SA? Does the return nullify the sale that the SA made? Just curious.
  2. That's a complicated question! Unfortunately, we really aren't supposed to discuss it :nogood:
  3. I don't work at Coach, but I had this same question and when I returned the item I bought the original SA still got the credit for the sale.
  4. Come on now, why can't you discuss it? Like anyone's gonna know! :confused1:
  5. Oh yes they do :smile: Corporate can and DOES check tPF and other bag forums/boards religiously, I know firsthand :smile:
  6. Oops, sorry didn't mean to get anyone in trouble. I was just thinking if my returns sometimes have "undesirable" consequences on the SA who helped me.:wondering
  7. ^^Don't worry about that :smile:
  8. WOW!! That is soooooooo scary that they do that! I would think that would violate the privacy act....I know if I had ever gotten a phone call like that other poster on the LV board had gotten, I would not have given them ANY info, I would have hung up right away, and contacted the police department immediately!!! They may want to check up on people, but they cannot violate the privacy laws!!!! I do have a question about this, do they know who a person is since nobody's real names are listed as their user ID? That whole thing that happened w/ LV scared the daylights out of me that an SA had all of that info about that person!!!! Especially w/ personal identity theft going rampant these days!
  9. Well, Coach has to guard and protect their company's integrity, and that includes monitoring what SA's tell people-- insuring that no confidential information gets out there for the whole world to know. Do you blame them? That's why we/they (as I no longer work for Coach) are sometimes vague here on the boards :smile: I'm clueless as to what you're talking about on the LV board, I have been camped out over at Hermés. Send me a link to the thread you're referring to?

    Thanks girl!
  10. I totally do NOT blame them on that!!!! They definitely have to protect their company! I posted the link to the LV phone call above...hope you can view it! Thanks so much for the info!
  11. Wow. I doubt Coach would do something like that-- how strange! However, Coach is very aware of tPF :yes:
  12. I was wondering if I want to return an item that I bought with PCE and I lost the reciept can they look up my purchases under my name or will they give store credit for the FULL price of the item? Would they know if I purchased it with a PCE coupon or not? Can someone let me know, thanks!
  13. They can't look it up, but you could be honest about it and tell them you bought it with the discount.
  14. That's great. I can get something different! thanks