question for those who own the koala wallet

  1. Does the clasp scratch easy? I don't want to spend $585 on a wallet that's going to get scratched easily....yet i love it's features(9 CC slots, billfold + change purse) Does LV make a wallet like that (features wise) except that has a simple snap closure, etc? (Cheaper would be great too :nuts:)
  2. m...I have the damier koala, and love it so much, it can hold 9 credit card and some cash, never look too big, i used it for over half a year, no scratch till now. but well, some tiny tiny scratch will be shown on the buckle, that's un-avoidable. I used few Lv wallet and consider this one is the best one to use. you can get some cheap deal in eBay, I think now the like new one only sell for $400.
  3. Hi!
    I have been using my vernis koala for more than a year. No horrible scratches at all. Looks like new when u polish it once in a while. :tup:
  4. I don't have a koala wallet *but* I do have the Segur PM which has a clasp identical to that of the koala. Mine has some major scratches on the clasp which are quite noticeable, most of them from opening/closing, but they don't bug me whatsoever. Who knows, maybe it's a little different on a wallet.
  5. I've had one for two days but it hasn't left its box yet. Sorry... no help.
  6. It's polished metal so it's bound to scratch later but it will probably depend on how much you use it
  7. I have the black Epi one. I used it for maybe a week and no stratches yet. I choose that one because the clasp is smaller so less likely to get stratches on it.

    They have a new wallet out with just a simple button closure (I think I might get this one). It was cheaper than that Koala one too. Its called Alexandra Wallet and only comes in Monogram (I think).

    - Snap closure
    - 13 credit card slots and 3 compartments
    - Zipper closure wallet
    - Open pocket for bills
    - Transparent pocket
    - Front patch pocket
    - Large gusseted compartment
    alexandra.jpg alexandra_inside.jpg
  8. Hi, I happened to have my Damier Canvas Koala Wallet next to me here. So let me take a look.

    No scratches, and I have had it for 18 mo now. It is pretty much my main wallet. I am not sure how people are getting scratches on the gold hardware. The wallet goes into my handbag, comes out for a purchase, and then right back in.

    I love this wallet. In fact, I love the loud "click" it makes upon closing. And the Damier version has red inside making it kind of fun.

    I also have the ManhattanGM which has the same hardware. Let me check the hardware.

    All clear, no scratches. Just a couple smudgy finger prints from me.

    Good luck.
  9. I have a Koala and I love it. It has very minor scratches but not noticeable.

    I keep it in the dustcover when it is inside my purse.

  10. My Damier Koala Agenda has some fine scratches from use, but meh, I don't care. It's something that happens with hardware on any item, and the smile it's gorgeous looks gives me is well worth some teeny marks from use. :shrugs:
  11. i had a damier koala and the scratches were inevitable. it will scratch quite easily on the buckle and although they aren't deep hideous marks, it is noticeable if you look at it up close. i ended up selling mine as it got too bulky for my use.
  12. ive onli had my Vernis Koala Pomme wallet for 2 wks, yet ive already noticed tiny scratches on the clasp... like wat some ladies here said, its inevitable since we use it day in day wallet has 9 slots, 1 transparent cover slot.... i did scratch the calf leather inside when i tried to slot my cards back... cos its not tt ez to slip it in, so i had to tip 1 corner of the card in, n due to my carelessness, i did have some scratches ....

    as for the metal clasp on my Beverly MM, ive onli had it for half a yr, yet its already scratched quite badly... erm, im not realli kind to my bags huh :p