Question for those who have the sweet alhambra!


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Jan 22, 2009
Hey beautifuls,

I was wondering if any of you got the chain extension for this piece? And if so - if you end up having the extension hang loose when you do want to wear it shorter - does it swing more easily to the front due to the weight of the extension piece? Because the sweet alhambra pendant is super light - so I'm not sure if the added extension in the back will cause it to come to the front more. So not sure if it's a good choice for me to add an extension. I haven't had much problem of the pendant not staying center at it's original length when I wear it out. Just wanted to see if any of you have any insight on this. Thanks!



Jan 1, 2016
I wanted to bump this because I have the same question.
I don’t have an extension on mine but I have two sweet bracelets that I wear with my Cartier loves. The sweets DO turn and I end up having to adjust it so it doesn’t just look like a chain bracelet. I considered getting them made shorter. Not sure if that answers your question.