Question for those who have recently bought NEW Cabas Pianos

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  1. Do the new Pianos have one solid piece on the bottom or are they still using 3 pieces of leather? Mine was from 2002 and it was 3 pieces. I just need to know if this has been a recent "update"
  2. Mine was purchased Feb 2005 and is one piece. I have never seen the three piece one! I just assumed it was all the same. I learn something new everyday on this forum!

  3. I just bought a cabas mezzo - it is one solid piece on the bottom and then 2 separate pieces that come up each side. Hope that helps!
  4. i think it is solid peace
  5. what does the three piece look like?
  6. here you go.. My bag was made in 2001

  7. I called LV on the 866 # and they said that the all one flowing piece, no stitching, was how the Pianos were when they first came out, but not long after they changed it to the one like above ^^^
  8. How long has the Cabas been out. I only bought mine a year ago at the KOP LV and its one piece?
    I thought they have been out for a long time?

  9. Mine is all one piece as well and I got it recently.
  10. so there is no stitching on the bottom on the ends where the leather triangles come up? LV told me that was the only way they came now. Maybe the rep I talked to needs to resign her position to be a phone operator.