Question for those who have had Lasik

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  1. Was it painful at all? How long was recovery? What did it cost you? My eyes arent to bad (I dont wear glasses or contacts) but i need to, LoL
    My eyes are VERY sensitive (I cant even put eye drops in my eyes) I went in for contacts a few years ago and the Dr. put them in and I sat there for well over and hour and I couldnt take them out... I have just been very jumpy with my eyes.. When I get my makeup done I always ask them to let me do my own mascarra and eyeliner as I cant sit still for them to do it (I know i know, its bad) But reguardless I want lasik but im scared to death. Any suggestion? :confused1:
  2. I was similar to you with contacts and am very jumpy with anything near my eyes.

    Although after the procedure, it was very uncomfortable and your eyes feel irratated, but you pop some sleeping pills and a couple hours later, your sight will be crystal clear.

    The procedure was so quick and my dr.'s office is so efficient, that my entire day of surgery was less than 2 hours.
    The surgery itself was a mere 10-15 minutes and my dr talked to me during each step.
    They prop your eyes open, so there will be no blinking problem.
    You just have to follow the red light. That's it.
    And before you know it, it's all over!

    Total cost was approximately $5k.
    (Although I had the cash to pay it up front, I financed it at 0% with CapitalOne and left the cash in my savings account.)
    The price also includes any surgeries I need in the future if my eyes needed a "touch-up" or if I need to see the dr.

    I had a teddy bear to hold during the entire procedure, so it wasn't so bad. (Poor teddy! I held him so tight!) :p
  3. I had it done about 4 years ago. It was very quick...the scary part was waiting. They gave me a valium to relax, but it was still scary. Your eyes are really dry and irritated and you have to wear these weird glasses to bed for a few nights, but it was amazing and I would do it again. Some perople have to have a second procedure done after a few months, but I was OK. It doesn't last forever, as you get older your eyes still get weaker so you may have to have it done again or wear glasses for reading. I had one eye done for reading and one for far away...very common. When I read for long periods of time I wear glasses so I don't strain my poor little reading eye. For the most part I don't need any glasses tho. My insurance partially covered it. I think I paid about $2500.
  4. I need it so badly too! My eyes aren't particularly sensitive but I am so blind without glasses and lately I have been getting all these eye infections, which I'm sure are caused by my contacts. I am looking forward to hearing more about everyone's experiences!
  5. Thanks guys for your input.. Im not so worried about the recovery but im not sure i could lay there while they mess in my eye ball.. how do you allow it (looking right at it) without flenching or anything, I would like flench and turn and jerk my head all around just watching the tools coming at my eyes :sad:
  6. The recovery time is fairly quick, they do recommend you take a couple days off after the surgery if needed. For instance, get the procedure done on a Friday.. and you should be ready to go by Monday. They do give you goggles for you to wear while you sleep for a week.. and lots of gel eye drops as well. The scary part for me... was there was a little period.. like 15 sec.. where your eyes are open... BUT you couldnt see anything.. that kinda freaked me out. But the Dr.. is talking to you the entire time, so that was somewhat comforting. BUT, I've also heard a story where the patient nearly passed out from being so nervous.. & the procedure wasn't successfully done. On a good note though. Lasik was probably the best gift I've ever gotten... & it's the greatest investment ever... considering I've had to wear prescription since 2nd grade! Prices range on how severe your eye sight is, astigmatism, or if you choose to have Lasik vs. custom Lasik. I went to TLC in Torrance. Good luck on your decision~!
  7. I got my lasik done about 2 yrs ago now. I think it was about 3k for both eyes with the insurance for a year. (Just an fyi, everyone in the lasik office told me that one year insurance is fine b/c if you need any touch ups it will be within the first year).

    The whole process is really strange. If you get queasy, I would suggest NOT watching the video. I don't normally get queasy but I still stayed away and didn't want to see it.

    It goes by really really fast. It is uncomfortable when they put in the things that keeps your eyes open, and I do have to say the whole being able to smell the laser thing freaked me out.

    I did take a valium before the procedure, as recc. by the dr., and it definitely put me a little more at ease. I am a stress case though.

    After I had the procedure done, it did hurt when I got home and tried to sleep. They recommend that you sleep for about 4 hrs after the procedure so that your eyes don't get super dry and so that they can kind of "heal."

    It burned like crazy then. Just prep yourself for it. As long as you can fall asleep, when you wake up it's kind of crazy how much you can see.

    I had kind of a weird situation where my blood vessals popped, they said it happens when ppl stress like crazy, and so the outer corners of my eyes were bright red for about 2 wks. It looked kind of crazy, but it didn't hurt and it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

    I do not regret getting this surgery done AT ALL. I love it!
  8. Sorry for the long post! But I wanted to add one more thing. I was freaked out but there was a great employee there that let me hold her hand and a stuffed frog. So silly but it helped!