Question for those who had repairs done on their LVs (unusual case)

  1. Okay ladies and gents, need your advice. I went in for my dentist, well orthodontist's appointment today and started chatting with the assistant. We got to talking about LV bags and she told me about her ex-fiance's retaliation against her by ruining her LV Manhattan PM (yeah, talk about psycho)...anyway, I took pictures of the damage and was wondering if this is repairable...and if any of you have any idea about how much it will costs to do the repair. She is willing to let this bag go as she does not want any more memories of psycho ex. I dont have the bag in my possession, so going to LV store at the moment is not an option, however, I just emailed my local SA of the same pictures I posted here, and hopefully, I'll have some estimate of how much it would cost to probably change the lining, and to stitch up the pockets that were yanked out.
    Do you think this is still worth $500? (Honestly, everything about the bag still looks good). And then there's the repair that will probably cost an arm and a leg? I told her I will think about any advice, help would be very much appreciated.

    Please see attachment for pictures...unfortunately, that is all I have.

    Thank you.:yes:
    manhattan lining.jpg manhattan pocket.jpg
  2. The lining can be replaced...the pocket might actually cannot be repaired. I don't know. lining is about $120-200 on a bologne but I don't know.
  3. wow. he certainly did a job on that. i wouldn't sell it. it has bad juju.
  4. ^^^ Agree with hlfinn
  5. I concur with the above two. I wouldn't want that bag, even if LV could fix it. I don't know if it is worth the time and effort. The repairs I have had done in the past, took a while (about 3 month turn around) and they still managed to not get it right.
  6. I actually joked about that with her, saying, uhhh, your purse might be cursed, lol.
  7. I agree - bad Karma - reminds me a little too much of my ex!
  8. Pricey! That's a price of a cles!
  9. she needs to ceremoniously burn it and be rid of him, FEH.

    i mean, i hate to leave a fab lv to that horrible fate but ::::shuddering::::
  10. That poor LV.. what a jerk!
  11. I don't think LV will repair the exterior, looks like the canvas is torn.:sweatdrop: Agree with the ladies,it's not worth it.
  12. This seems a litle fishy, why would be cut out a tag shape? Avoid this one & look for a better one on eBay or let-trade.
  13. Okay, thanks guys. I really appreciate the word of wisdom and advices!

    Lee69: The canvas is not torn or at least not that I was those loose threads when psycho ex yanked it. I actually feel like I can sew it back together, lol, but of course, I dont even want to deal with that.

    I just feel sorry for the gal. She seems so attached to the bag, like it was her only prized possession and he ruined it. She was the one who cut that lining out, because he had cigarette burnt-marked his name on the bag **creepy**
  14. eek!!!! even worse!!!
  15. Hahaha!! :roflmfao: