Question for those who go to the Gym to workout...

  1. Whats the difference and the benefits of a wet steam sauna and a dry heat sauna? I go to the Gym but havent ventured into the saunas yet and I keep forgetting to ask the people who work there. Which do you prefer?
  2. I'm not sure of the difference... but I don't like either :shame:
  3. I know what you mean, thats why I havent used them yet. I feel gross enough after I work out, I cant get home fast enough to shower. I think I will just keep walking past them and not go in...
  4. I love steam rooms and saunas ...I like wet ones....the skin is a huge detoxification organ and saunas help with detox and general relaxation and circulation and they help the skin a lot. Andrew Weil says going to a steam room or sauna for 20 minutes once a week is a great thing to do for general health. I like to finish workouts with a steam. It makes me feel much better (and almost blissful) rather than just showering and going takes away a lot of the muscle soreness too. At my gym they recommend exercising..showering..using the steam room.. then showering again..And I love Bikram yoga which is done in a hot room to induce a good sweat. I always feel really light and refreshed after. .. So I'd say try it! And the only advice I have is to start slowly and increase your time gradually but I think around 15 minutes is ideal after you get used to it. And make sure to drink a lot of water later to replenish!
  5. I have not used the steam room at my gym, but I loooove the dry sauna. After my post-workout shower, I go in there to relax and dry off. The cedarwood walls give it a nice woody aroma which is very relaxing.
  6. I didn't know steam rooms were so beneficial. If that's the case I am going in! I don't go to the gym anymore I got lazy and the gym with the saunas we had here closed. Maybe I MIGHT join when the new gym opens. God knows I need to lose some lbs.
  7. Same here. I usually just go straight to the shower :yes:
  8. I feel like I can't breathe in the sauna so I don't go in.
  9. Wow! I am surprised that so many people don't enjoy the sauna. I feels so luxurious after a workout.
  10. I worry about germs in the steam room (wet) because moisture can cause mold and mildew, etc. I don't know any scientific facts about it but I know most gyms don't do as much cleaning as they should. Wish I knew more specifics!
  11. That is EXACTLY how I feel!
  12. I used to work in a gym that had both I don't think there is any real difference it's just personal choice. I prefer the steam room I agree that it's hard to breathe in the sauna.

    One of the jobs at the end of the night was to clean these facilities and the steam room always STUNK when it had cooled down and under the seats get pretty gross in the sauna and people where always shaving in it! YUCK
  13. YUCK!!! I agree.
  14. OMG people shave in the sauna? Why not shave at home?
  15. all the gym saunas i've come across have been pretty awful and completely inauthentic. when my aunt and uncle lived in NY the sauna in their building was carpeted :wtf: :roflmfao: a sauna isn't supposed to be dry, you're supposed to throw water onto the rocks (which my old gym's sauna managed to hide somewhere, i'm not convinced they weren't heating it with a huge radiator!) to create steam. you should really also be swatting yourself with leafy birch twigs but finding those isn't always so easy! i'll take a proper sauna over a steam, but a steam over a dry sauna.