Question for those who areTRUE birkin lovers & have neglected kellys

  1. If you had to do it all over again, would you still purchase your kellys? Knowing full well that you lead a more birkin kind of lifestyle and thus reach for that bag more often? And that your kellys sleep undisturbed in your closet...

    I'm just trying to figure out what to SO next. Currently, I'm definitely a birkin kinda gal, especially since the last sighting made me so weak in the knees that I nearly dropped my food tray! LOL.

    I adore Kellys on other people but just can't picture myself using one right now. Maybe in another 5 or ten years... But the design is so tres chic!

    So the question now is whether to get a birkin to fit my current lifestyle or a kelly to use in the future & hopefully intergrate now? Btw, I've settled on black ostrich w/ shiny GH. I just love the contrast btwn matte leather & shiny hardware. My apologies to the ebene lovers. I guess I'm an exotic girl at heart.

    My SA told me that it's not uncommon for some of the clients to switch from birkins to kellys as they grow older. I just don't know when or if this will ever happen to me. *sigh* For now, the most I can handle are the clutches. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Sometimes when I get really excited and happy with using one of my Birkins, I forget to use my Kellys. Then I make it a point to take one of them out and carry it for a few days, and I'm sooo glad I never sold them when I worried I was neglecting them. I think the Kelly will be chic forever! Elegant, pretty, feminine. But it's true, as I'm slowly aging gracefully, I pick up my kellys more often when I want to look polished and chic. birkin's more casual to me.

    So feel free to buy both! You'll use them all eventually.
  3. Great question, and not so difficult to answer. I use 35cm Birkins as tote bags for work and when I need the extra room during the weekend. However, when I don't need to take so much stuff with me, I feel wonderful carrying a Kelly. My Kellys are Sellier and they really dress up an outfit. And I don't feel like I'm carrying my grandmother's bag when I carry my Kelly.
  4. I have struggled with this myself - I am a birkin/bolide girl but of course adore the classic kelly. However...realizing I hardly use it - I have sold more than one lol....I know I will have one yet again down the road...and know I will love it when I do...but for now I prefer the other it will most definitely be an addition to my purse wardrobe in my future...
  5. Good question HL. I used to think I was more of a Birkin girl, but now I've realized that I go through certain phases. My first H-bag was a Kelly, then I decided it wasn't for me and went into my Birkin phase and that's all I used and declared myself a Birkin lover for sure. Then I tried a 28cm Retourne Kelly and was surprised by how versatile it was and that got me back onto the Kelly bandwagon, and now these days, it's all about the Kelly. I didn't think it would work for my casual lifestyle but in a Retourne shape it works beautifully, and for those days when I want a little more polish, out comes the Sellier.

    In the end, you should buy the bag that you will use the most now. You are always entitled to change your mind down the road! ;)
  6. I bought a kelly 32cm black chevre. It doesn't get much love.

    Its hard for me during the day to take it out because it does not hold a ton and hard to get in and out of.

    Also.....when I go to dinners, etc I bring I don't have to worry about my bag!
  7. Im kinda confused- Kelly lovers are different from Birkin lovers and if so why?. Are Kelly's for the "older crowd"?
  8. Excellent way to cut to the chase, Orchids, and to remind us that we can change our minds.
  9. Kellys aren't just for the "older crowd," but Birkins are more casual, hip, and more of an "It" bag. I think in general perhaps older women might appreciate the more formal and dressier look of the kelly. That doesn't make it an "older" lady bag, though IMO.
  10. Don't buy a bag for the future or because you think you might love it or need it later, buy the bag that you love for now, now is when you will be using it. For me any new purchase takes first place for a while and displaces the others, and will be the one I love the most etc, usually it's an Hermes scarf but after a few weeks, I go back and wear everything else equally.
  11. I think it's more a question of lifestyle and personal style than age, IMO. I'd wear a Birkin with a t-shirt and shorts, and a Sellier Kelly when I'm going for a polished look. The Kelly goes to luncheons, dinner, cocktails, theatre, etc.
  12. Ama--I think that there are very definitive preferences for one bag over the other on the forum really just due to personal preferences. Nothing age-specific from what I gather.
  13. Oh good:yes::heart:
  14. i'm 22 and i have to say i'm a Kelly girl
    i love kelly, i think it's the most beautiful bag
    but i have birkin as well, because it's a good bag to use
    so, kelly is to dress up, birkin is to use...
    meanwhile, i need a bag to use every single day,so my next H bag will be a birkin~
    i agree with allaboutnice, never buy a bag for future
  15. Hermes transcends age.....heck, *I* transcend age:p !! My attitudes have changed very little. I don't see the Kelly or Birkin as young or old. There's no rule(s) I have to follow, except my own.

    And I don't see myself as any *age* either, so, maybe that's why:yes:

    Why not just do whatever *you* feel, hermes_lemming, and not worry.

    ( I really like your sweet etoupe avatar!)