Question for those that own Chanel ballet flats

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  1. Do you find that they're comfortable to walk in for long distances?

    Thank you!:wlae:
  2. absolutely comfortable, comparable with my nike air sandals.
    one day, i ran with it to chase a bus (don't laugh at me, i don't drive in HK).. i guess 10 sec for 100m.. :p
  3. Wow, billbill, that is very encouraging to hear! I am looking for a pair of comfortable ballet flats but I have some high expectations. I guess I'm ultimately a flip-flop girl from California but I'm trying to polish up a bit. I wonder if I will ever find a ballet flat that is as comfortable as flip-flops!

    Which ballet flats do you own?
  4. i can't wear flip-flop or mules, my feet seem can't grip it well and keep falling..:confused1:
    i wear the tweed ballet ones, exact one on eBay

    eBay: NIB CHANEL CLASSIC TWEED BALLERINA FLATS 36 (item 130085225488 end time Mar-30-07 21:03:59 PDT)

    i did try the cambon one before, the SA said it's mean for indoor. so if you just drive and walk in shopping mall, that's fine. else..

    i keep finding a gold pair now, there's one on sale ($300) before but way too small for me (sz 35.5 vs my 38.5 feet).. :p
  5. I tried on the classic ballet flats w/the grosgrain fabric rim- I didn't find them comfortable- they were too structured/rigid for me.

    The elastic ballet flats are very comfortable at first, but can cut into your foot after a while so be sure to try those on before you purchase them.

    I also tried on the cambon ballet flats and found them to be the most comfortable. I imagine you could walk quite a bit in them without pain or irritation.

    Good luck w/your shoe search!
  6. I have more than one or two pair of ballet flats. I love them. Chanel periodically comes out with a very soft, ultimate soft, flat much like the softness of the new stretch ones. They feel like nothing on the foot. Since I'm already tall, I gravitate towards the ballet style.
  7. That is what I need- ones soft and flexible like the elastic ones, but without the elastic.

    Do they currently have any out that are like that? ^^^
  8. I just returned G25139, the patent calf ballerinas with elastic edge (on Chanel's webiste under Spring/Summer 2007). I hunted down the last pair in my size in black in the country but when I received them I was sadly disappointed. They were gorgeous on but the sole was so thin that I could see that I'd wear through it in a year or two. For $585 I could not justify it. I'd rather put the money toward another bag:yes: . If you are going to splurge for ballerinas be sure that the sole is substantial. I did think they seemed comfortable- like being barefoot.
  9. I tried the elastic ones, in two sizes, but they were hurting in the back near my heel so I returned them :crybaby: there were the cutest but didn't work for my feet. I found the classic ones also were too structured for me.
  10. The most comfy ballet flats I ever tried and own are the ones from Repetto who actually is a ballet shoe maker.
    I have elastic ones from Dior and they cut into my foot after a while and the Chanel ballets felt pretty rigid on my foot so I was so happy when I finally found the Repettos and best thing is they're just about 200$.
  11. I've tried the ballet flats, the driving loafers and the regular loafers; ALL hurt my feet immediately. I have a narrow foot and they were still too snug. I could be wrong, but the SA at Saks (very nice lady, so I was not insulted at all when she said this plus, she also wears "big size" shoes like me) mentioned that women with small to average shoe size find the Chanel shoes to be wonderful but after a size 9, not at all. Well, my feet are 11-12, so there might be something to that, cause boy, they HURT, lol.
  12. I have a pair of t-strap flats that I ADORE! They are so comfy and I have walked long distances in them (would a long 6 block walk, each way, from the metro to work count?).
  13. I just got the moccisan lofers a few days ago, and so far they are very comfortable.
  14. I got some Cambon flats summer and they were SO comfortable. I really regret not buying another pair since they were seasonal. Went back earlier this week for the flats with the elastic (not the ones with patent) and they are a little narrower but still very comfortable. Love the flats even though the cobblestones in Dublin are very hard on my shoes.

  15. Yup I own two pairs and I LIVE in them - but I did get things put on the soles because NYC sidewalks destroy everything ..