Question for Those That Backordered the Geranium...

  1. Did you get a receipt??

    They had to fax my order in. I received it earlier this week, but it just hit me, like a few minutes ago, that I never received a receipt, just the JAX packaging slip.

    It's worrying me because I like to keep all my receipts, tags, etc.

    Did any of you get yours?
  2. just the copy of the fax and the packing slip for me.
  3. I received a copy of the Fax Order form and the SA had taped the receipt onto the form.. so, I guess that was my receipt. Oh, and the packing slip that came with the bag.
  4. Man...I didn't receive that.
    I'm going to call the store today.
    Thanks for replying ladies =)
  5. I paid for mine in the store, she ordered it right there on the computer while I was standing there (how does this fax thing work? It seems so complicated when they can just type it in the computer, swipe your card and it's done)

    So, anyway, since I paid for it right there, I have a receipt just like if I had bought it in the store.
  6. I got a receipt when I picked it up from the store.
  7. Thanks for replying guys.
    I called the store and they were like just use your packaging slip as a receipt. If I hadn't have made this thread I wouldn't have known to ask about the copy of the fax slip.
    After much looking she was able to find it and is going to mail it to me.
    What a relief.

    Thanks again ladies =)