question...for those professional LV lovers

  1. I'd tried carrying speedy 25/30 and they're very light weight. Is every LV bag like that? What is the heaviest line? How about the weight of lockit H and BH? Manhattan GM looks heavy to me, does it? thanks.
  2. Not all are that depends a lot on how much hardware is on it (for example, the MC Speedy is much heavier than the monogram Speedy). I don't really know about the Lockit or the Manhattan, but the BH is really light.
  3. Epi line would give you better weight-and it's' deeper stab at your wallet too:sweatdrop: . Do you not like lighter handbags? when i got my first azur speedy 30, i thought it was very lite weight, yet it's just the right weight after all my belongings in it. IMO bigger handbags should be as lite weight w/o sacryfice the quality, i personally would not get a heavy weight bag b/c it means more weight i have to hual w/me.
  4. I'm finding my Damier alma to be really heavy:sad:
  5. I think almost all models in multicolour are heavy coz lot of hardware

  6. Exactly .. :yes:
  7. I like very light bags:yes:
  8. So are you going to get a Speedy 25/30? :love:
  9. yes next month...can't wait to show pics here :graucho:
  10. the heaviest that i've experienced would be mc weighs like 10 of the mono!! but i guess the beauy is 10 times too!! haha :smile:
  11. i have found the suhali to be very heavy indeed I have had 2 different models and both were weighty.

  12. Out of the bags I've personally owned, I find MC speedy, manhattan GM and Oskar waltz were the heaviest. Where as petit noe and lockit horizontal are VERY light!
  13. My older Babylone is VERY heavy - pretty - but I feel like I need a crane to carry it!
  14. Manhattan GM is the heaviest to me.

    Lightest batignolles (all of them ;) )
  15. my Manhattan GM is probably the heaviest, probably because of the hardware and leather. the lightest bags i have are probably my Speedies and Batignolles Horizontal