Question for those of you with sand coloured Uggs

  1. So today I was all set to buy the chestnut Classic Minis but when I tried them on, they didn't look too hot with my jeans. :tdown: The sand colour looked better. I was just wondering if they get dirty or discoloured really easily and if they are easy to clean. I'm worried about the light colour. TIA!
  2. They stain really easily. I prefer darker colours for Uggs.
  3. Well, I've had the Sundance Uggs in sand for nearly 3 years now, and they still look pretty good. I Scotch-Guarded them when I first got them, and its been a godsend, especially during the winter months. If you can spray them with some form of suede protector they'll probably be fine. Just stay away from mud puddles. ;)
  4. I have the sand ones and apart from one teensy mark they look as good as the day I bought them. I've had them since October last year
  5. I'm not sure what color my slip-on Uggs are, but they are light and they do get dirty on the tips of the toes. I hardly ever wear them b/c of that.
  6. When I first bought my sand colored Uggs, I sprayed them with the protectant stuff. Unfortunately that didn't help when I wore my dark wash jeans- the color rubbed off on the back and a little in the front where the jean touches the shoe. You can't see it when I wear it under jeans though. A few of my friends who have sand colored Uggs have this problem with theirs too. I haven't tried to clean it yet though.
  7. Have had zero problems. Just protect it and don't step into puddles and it's good to go. I have 2 sand colored uggs in short and tall and love them!
  8. I have sand UGGS and have had them for 5 years. I use the UGG protection spray and I don't have stains on mine. I wear them all the time and have worn them several time to football games. Now I'm not the kind of person who goes stomping around in the mud or who wears them when it's raining. Mine still look great and I think they look cuter than the darker ones. Just my opinion but you can stain any color UGGs. Good luck.
  9. I LOVE my Chestnut ones, but I considered sand ones. They just seem to get dirty too easily.
  10. I had the same problem with my sand colored classic shorts. I think I scotch guarded them before I wore them too. The blue from my jeans (they were NOT new jeans either, they had been washed many times) transferred onto the boots. Now that they are older and sort of dingy all over it's not as noticible. I don't really wear my classic Uggs out of the house anymore so it's a non issue. I bought black cardys for that!
  11. Thanks for your replies eveyone! I have to decide between sand and chestnut. Should I go for what looks better or whats more practical? I can't decide! :wacko:
  12. I think Sand is a nightmare in snow, but otherwise can hold up.
  13. You got the classic shorts? Any modeling pics? :graucho:
  14. No sorry, I have the classic talls.

    I can still take modeling pics if you'd like but it won't be until tomorrow.
  15. OK, sure. :okay: Thanks. I'm thinking maybe they didn't look good because I had my jeans over them.