Question for those of you with open-top bags...

  1. the bucket and the bagtinolles....just wondering how you keep the bag from falling over and having your stuff spill out when you are driving? :shrugs:
  2. That is my only issue with open top bags. I need my bags to zip close or I am a wreck about losing things. Interested in hearing what others think of those bags.
  3. You could put a scarf on top of the contents...that's what I do with my Picotin (in my avatar) since it's an open top bag.
  4. I have the large bucket and I can honestly say it has never tipped over. But, just in case, I keep all loose things like lip gloss, etc. in the small pouchette that comes with the bag and I keep it hooked to the gold chain. When you're carrying the bag it keeps itself closed by the way it is tucked under your arm. It really is quicker to pull your wallet out when there is no zipper. The bottom is very sturdy so I guess that's why mine has never tipped over. I've had no issues with this bag because of its open top.
  5. i have a bv and a bucket...i put it on the floor, it has yet to fall over
  6. I've never had a problem with any of my open top bags.
  7. I haven't had any problems, my BH isn't flimzy - now if I had to come to a scretching hault -that would be another story, my stuff would be every where - it doesn't bother me!!
  8. I put my BH on the passenger seat and it doesn't tip over. I think the bag's proportion keeps it from tipping, plus the weight of all my junk helps too. :p
  9. I have a large mono Bucket, vernis Bucket GM, a Sac Shopping and a Cabas Alto. None of my bags have tipped over in the car and let me tell you I DRIVE and CORNER. If they do tip over everything is inside of it's own compartment.

    The vernis Bucket is very, very stiff. It doesn't give at all.

    The way to keep your things in a convertible bag, in my opinion, is to compartmentalize everything. I don't have anything loose in my bag. Being an accessories hog, I have a LV compartment/pouch/pochette for everything. The things that would be considered loose are still their own holder ie. Agenda, Mono Pen holder, Mono Sunglass case (that I don't use), mono coin purse... You know what I mean? The key is to compartmentalize. Buy LV or someone elses accessory holders/cases then pack your back and sport it!

    Also by placing things in various compartments you can always reach in and get what you're looking for and one doesn't have to worry about someone reaching inside of the bag and grabbing some miscellaneous thing. The pouches/pochettes/holders stack down lower in the bag.

    Lastly, if you're in the car alone you can always strap it in with the seatbelt!
  10. My petite bucket doesn't really fall over if it's on the floor either. Another nice thing is that the feet protect the bottom from getting dirty. And once it was on the seat and DID fall over and nothing fell out.
  11. this never happen to me ....yet
    i think it the way you put it down....don't know
  12. Faith, that was an excellent thing to bring up about "convertible bags", the feet! I do not understand why LV doesn't add this feature to more bags. :yes:
  13. A purseket or purse organizer of sometype keeps the bucket purses much more stable and less likely to tip over. And when they do, everything stays togther.
  14. I have a large noe and it hasn't tipped over. It has such a sturdy base.
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