Question For Those Of You Who Like/love Coach

  1. Hey my fellow women who still appreciate coach, there are a lot of women on here who think coach just isnt high end enough or think its ugly, but i want to ask all of you who still do like and love coach and can appreciate it like i can (even tho i do love many other more $$ brands i stilll LOVE me some coach haha)

    OK so here is the question: would you spend $180 on this bag?
    what about $140?

    or neither

    it is authentic, the person states "If you are worried about it's authencity, I can meet you at one of the Coach store so that you can authenticate the bag with the store"

    (not through eBay)

    I think i really like it, i think i think its cute and really different but sometimes i get caught up and cant look @ things objectively so i wanted to ask for help and you ladies are my helP! i know i can count on you!!!

    the measurements:Measurements Approx: 9" L x 5 1/4" H x 3 3/4" D

    Let me know if you would spend the $140 on it and if you had to do $180 would you still!!?!??!

    please please any and all opinions will be GREATLY Appreciated!

  2. I think it's cute. I went into one of the Coach outlets recently and saw this in black..I was really considering it.
  3. and how much was it at the outlet???
  4. **** i also posted it in the coach forum after i rememebered there was one, but i know not everyone (esp. new ppl) go into all those forums so i thought i would ask here too! :smile: so please dont move me! thankssss
  5. Cute bag. My very first Coach was a signature Top Handle in black and white. I loved how easy it is to get in and out of the bag. BUT...I had the large size. It was like 12x8. This one you are looking at is way to small for me. And is it Gold? I can't really tell from the pics.

    Only you can say what a bag is worth to you. Because of it not fitting my needs, I wouldn't purchase it, but if you like it and it's exactly what you want, I'd say 180 is great.

    There is also a purple one on eBay for 149 with a 169 BIN.