Question for those of you who have...

  1. Question for those of you who have either the Ines bag or another bag with similar leather in the light color.

    I have the Ines in Peanut and have decided to keep her!! But have you had problems with color transfer on this bag or your other lighter colored bags with similar glossy leather?

    Any input would be appreciated. I'll probably treat the bag with AppleGarde, but any other suggestions?

  2. anyone?
  3. Thankfully I haven't had any color transfer problem with my peanut Ines yet. I'm guessing though that you shouldn't rub it against new jeans or other dark fabrics that have the potential to bleed. Maybe someone else can provide info as to whether AppleGuarde will help protect the leather from this or not. :shrugs:
  4. I just got my new peanut ines and now you are freaking me out!! I wear jeans all the time! What has gotten on your bag!! I wouldn't think the lotion would stop transfer but do not know for certain. I wanted a light bag because I figured it would not show wear on the corners like dark leathers! What to do!! Tell me what has happened to yours??:confused1::weird:
  5. thanks melly... yeah, i figured the obvious jean bleed etc. i was just wondering if it was a magnet for color transfers or dirt. thanks :tup:

    muggles, don't worry dear! nothing has happened to mine! i was just curious what could happen. i wasn't talking about leather conditioner- applegarde has a rain/ stain repellent that i always spray my bags with.
  6. i don't know if apple garde would help with this, but it couldn't hurt to try it. i never had a color transfer problem until a couple of days ago when i was carrying my yogurt mp with my black jacobs by marc jacobs tote. some of the black had rubbed off onto the back of my mp. i was kind of upset about it until i went home, wiped it down with apple cleaner, and it came right off. it looks as good as new again, so even if you do have a color transfer problem, the cleaner should take it right off.
  7. can anyone provide a link as to where i can purchase some of the apple guarde stuff???
  8. You can either purchase it from Burlington Coat Factory or from this website:
  9. I just ordered some for my new ines!
  10. thanks kim, i'll keep that in mind. i have some of the cleaner- but never had to use it. i'll keep in on guard!