Question for those in the UK buying from US on eBay

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Hope life is good with you! Of those of you based in the UK who have purchased items from the US on eBay, how much do customs charges/duties add to your items?

  2. It all depends really. The most is around 30% but I've never personally experienced that

    I think some ladies have.
  3. I don't live in the UK but in The Netherlands and I never got to pay anything. But that's also because the seller put a value of $100 on the package? I didn't even ask for it lol.
  4. am in New Zealand but have bought many a pairs from US sellers.. I always politely ask if they can put a lower value on the customs slip, around $100usd or so, and most sellers are more than happy to help save a few dollars ;)

    personally I don't see anything risky about under-declaring the shoe's value, as long as the package is tracked :P
  5. Thanks everyone, this is really helpful. I've noticed that a few sellers say in their descriptions that they won't undervalue or say it's a gift, so I guess I should stay away from those, huh?!
  6. ^^ Many sellers won't be it is technically forging a government form, AND you can't insure your package for more than you declare it for. (which can be a problem even with tracking due to some systems not updating international tracking and the way the seller protection works through paypal, which has been discussed here at length in many other threads).
  7. Wow, thanks shoebunny, that's something I never even thought of. I'll search out tracking threads now. I'm so new to this and there's so much to learn, who knew shoes could be so complicated, ha ha!
  8. I believe that it's best to declare the full value and pay the customs charges if needed. Mostly due to what ShoeBunny said.

    Tax evasion is a crime, and both you and the seller are liable. Besides, most packages don't get charged, unless you send them by FedEx or something, not the regular postal service. I've been sent several packages with declared value of several hundred (one of them was a camera lens though, and those are excise duty free, but not VAT free. Still, there should have been a charge), that I didn't pay anything for. At other times you're not that lucky, but rather safe than sorry. I always take potential charges into account when buying from the U.S.
  9. Happy to help. I've been buying/selling on ebay for a while.

    All I meant with the tracking is that a very unfortunate situation can arise where a dishonest buyer claims to have not received the shoes and the seller cant "prove" to ebay that they were in fact delivered with an ordinary tracking # b/c internationally they are often not updated and also I just recently learned that sellers are not protected unless they send it with a sigature required. Of course that makes the shipping cost more expensive and agan explains why sellers would be hesitant to mark down the value and thus be unable to insure the package.

    Hopefully this also explains why many US sellers don't ship overseas at all, or why their shipping costs are high.

    That said, many sellers are either willing to take the risk or (more likely) don't realize its a risk and will ship to you with a reasonably priced method and mark as a gift/lower value.

    I hope that helps... good luck with your shoe shopping!

    P.S. Good point Bitstuff - but I think the seller would just be liable for forgery of a US doc, the buyer is liable for tax evasion in her country. The seller is not liable for taxes I woudln't think b/c she doesn't owe that country anything. Regardless, it's a bad idea.
  10. Thanks again, also to BitStuff. I agree, it's too dodgy to try to avoid these extra costs - hence my post to try and figure out how much I should allow for! Fortunately I've found a useful calculator which also helps!

    The charges don't seem so bad, and certainly not worth the risk.

    Although I think it might be easier all round to ask my best friend, who recently moved to Texas :sad: to order for me and either bring them with her when she visits or send them legitimately as gifts (as I'm always sending her UK stuff as gifts so it'd work out between us!).
  11. Usually when I buy new items I want them to be marked with the real price I´ve payed, but for used items it´s o.k. to mark with lower value.
  12. ^ The thing with used items is it's very hard to accurately price a used item. Obviously, if something is brand new, the full value is still there, but if it's used, the price is subjective to the person buying/selling it. I don't mind people marking a lower value for a used item either just because there really is no way to prove how much it's worth.
  13. :smile:

    I´ve even asked a lady who worked at the post office when I´ve shipped a pair of CL´s too Japan , how to mark it as they were used and a "gift" ( not really... :smile: ) and she told me just write what I think they are worth now because it´s impossible to tell what a pair of used shoes are "really" worth.
  14. In the case of selling shoes on ebay you should put the price you sold them for, whether or not that is what you think they are worth, because if you have to get the insurance that is the only amount you can prove - the ebay transaction price. unless they are brand new and you still have that reciept, in which case you could use that price/documentation.)

    The what you think they are worth idea applies if it truly is a gift and even then they are not going to reimburse you that price just b/c you thought it was worth that - you have to have documentation.
  15. I've been told that the price sold on eBay isn't proof of price insurance-wise. I don't know if that is true, but I have been told that. What I was told is that since eBay isn't a true "store" and price is dictated by supply/demand, the price of your item cannot be "proven" to be of the value you sold it at.

    I dunno.