Question for the UK LV shoppers

  1. any of you shop in Leeds or Edinburgh? I'm curious as to how much access they get to the limited things for instance did they get the hearts? Mirroirs? Mirage?

    I need a back up store I keep finding that my store is letting me down not contacting me about things, I'm waitlisting and then finding myself not on the waitlist I'm sure they aren't doing it on purpose but it's disappointing I have an SA in London but I tried the direct number & it doesn't work anymore :shrugs: so I have to go through the helpline who are not so helpful.
    Today they refused to connect me and wouldn't pass on my details to the store to waitlist for something they said I had to go into the store in person they won't do it over the phone. I know my SA would if they'd only let me speak to her.

    I love LV but everything is so hard I'm getting tired of having to fight and move mountains to get anything
  2. bump, anyone??
  3. I shop exclusively in Edinburgh. It is a small store in a great location and they have carried some of the things you mention. They had 2 Mirage - 1 in each colour that did not see the light of day as they were WL'd - 1 thankfully by me.

    I cannot comment on other items because I only look for things I want to purchase.

    The do get LE items - MC Marilyn exotic for instance and they are quite good at tracking down things they don't normally carry - at least they have for me thus far.

    The SAa are great as is the Manager - I really have no desire to shop anywhere else.

    Good luck!
  4. I shop at Leeds - it is a small store but they are very good at tracking things down.

    Joe Morgan, the Manager is especially helpful
  5. so neither store has problems pulling things in that good to hear, my store will do it but it seems to take ages I don't know if it's because they forget or that's just how long it takes
    I do love my store the staff are lovely but if it's going to easier to get things else where I will swap, thanks for the replies guys ^

    anyone else have any experiences with these stores they'd like to add?
  6. What about Manchester?
  7. leeds always have LE bags when iv been. when i went in may they still had all of the cloud bags and that was ages after they were selling out everywhere else. its a very small store though, no shoes.
    and joe is such a sweetie.
  8. My first ever trip to a Louis Vuitton store was to the one in Manchester - of which was bitterly disappointing. The service was disgusting, and the level of interest they took in my was upsetting. I asked to see the white MC speedy for example, and the SA looking to help had to ask me if it 'was the one with funny coloured flowers and 'things' on'. Having never been to a Louis Vuitton store, and having had my hopes built up for the week prior to visiting only to have them dashed...was, well, rather irritating....

    BUT, since then however I've made regular trips up to the Edinburgh store and have failed to receive anything less than excellent customer service. The SAs I've dealt with have had great product knowledge and were very approachable and helpful. Who knows though, maybe my experience in the Manchester store was a one-off compared to those who shop there on the regular - but I'd definately give Edinburgh the full thumbs up :yes:

    Hope that helps, even if only a little.
  9. Thanks that does help.

    Manchester is my store at the minute I do receive good service there when I'm there but because I'm not in Manchester I feel a little forgotten I've asked for information on things before and never gotten a call back, I've found myself not on wait list despite giving my details well in advance.

    Edinburgh & Leeds are both stand alone stores unlike Manchester which is in selfridges so I thought they may have a little more influence in getting items, Leeds has the VIP room so surely it must get a good allocation or what's the point of teh VIP room but no shoes where as Edinburgh does have shoes doesn't it??
  10. Yes, Edinburgh does have a shoe section - which is moderately big actually. I love that it's a stand-alone shop too, it makes it feel like I'm actually in LV, as opposed to Manchester, where I felt more like I was just visiting a secluded department of Selfridges! But yeah, I get what you mean about feeling forgotten. Manchester is my local - but even that is nearly a 2hr drive away. I wish they'd plant more stores closer to home! You should definately give Edinburgh a shot one day - the stores a nice size, and the SAs should take good care of you! My next trip up there is booked for Novemeber 13th! Roll on November...:yahoo:
  11. ^ It's the same time for me! I'm in the middle of both 2 hours either direction which ever I go to

    Where are you from Internal? ( feel free not to answer if you don't feel comfortable giving details over web)
  12. Infernal_russ - do you want to come to the LV meet in Leeds, please check out the "meetings" sub forum in the LV section :smile: