Question for the techno-savvy: IP Changer?

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  1. Can anyone give me info about an IP changer? I am trying to track down someone who ripped me off on eBay last year. I stupidly completed the transaction outside of eBay so I had no protection. I realized I could track them down based on their IP address, but someone I had helping me said that they used an IP changer.

    If anyone would fill me in, that would be great! Thanks!
  2. Lori that sucks!! i hate these cheaters!!! Totally feel for u.

    The IP changer masks the user's real IP address so you see their fake IP address. As far as i know, you can't "unscramble" it to trace back to the actual IP address.

    i'm not techie enough so some one may be able to give u a more info.

    Did u pay with a credit card? cos you can go file a dispute with ur CC to not pay the merchant.

    Have u tried googling the person's name, email or address?

    if you exchanged emails with this person, see the full header info and see if you can get any additional info there.
  3. Ugh, I only wish I paid with a credit card. I stupidly paid with a money order.

    I am pretty close to nailing her, but I'm trying to do a lot of the legwork myself because the police in her city have not been too excited to help. I'm practically doing all the work for them.

    Unbelievably, I am tracking her down BECAUSE of my money order -- I purchased it at my bank, and they were able to get a copy of it -- front and back. With the help of police in several states, I finally know who cashed it. But it's been tough.
  4. You go girl!! [​IMG]

    I'm glad you are getting enough info on this scammer!!

    the police unfortunately do not really take such things seriously. better that they tell you to do the work than for u to THINK they are doing the work and tell you they can't find her!

    I really hope you get to her and she gets some sort of record.

    We all do things like that so don't beat yourself up over it. i did a LV transaction outside of ebay and the woman turned out to be really nasty and sent me
    a piece of junk for $500. Sigh...
  6. its simple to change ip address
    simply unplug your router for five minutes or if that does not work, keep it unplugged overnight

    when its plugged back in there is a new ip address
    some people do this to avoid spyware and hackers
    you can also buy software which keeps your computer anonomous
  7. Yep, what ard said. People who do not have a broadband connection usually have different IP addresses because they are constantly connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting to the internet.

    Hope that your situation is resolved soon!
  8. You can also purchase a product called Anonymizer which, when "turned on" will provide you with another IP address.

    If you have a static IP address connected to your broadband account, unplugging your modem will not produce the desired result.
  9. How did you find out their IP address?
    The only way you could've found out is if an administrator told you? Which is illegal anyways. :s

    Good luck in your quest though.
  10. No, that's not true. It's not illegal. You can find out someone's IP address easily by checking the option of "show all headers" in any email program.
  11. You can't get someone's information from an IP the internet provider keeps these informations private.
  12. There's also a site (there could be others) that lets you hide your IP address altogether. I'm not going to give it out because it's really NOT a good idea and might give ideas to lurkers who might use it for wrong reasons. Suffice it to say that you can pretty much make your location anything you want it to be no matter where you are. Unfortunately it doesn't cover tracks very well so it's obvious when the person is using it.