Question for the taller bbag fans....

  1. OK - Well, I have ALWAYS been drawn to the looks of the first style and although I always carry a large bag, I have been thinking about buying a first to use for my weekend jaunts into the city, etc (I usually carry a huge bag that is filled with stuff I never use), for example, a makeup case with all of my makeup?!?! Yeah, sure, I am going to stop and Penn Station and reapply all of my makeup :confused1: Usually, it's 3 Martinis and then we hit Sephora which is on just about ever corner to reapply our makeup and freshen up!! :graucho: Anyway, I just have this fear that being 5' 10", I will look silly or worse yet, BIGGER. So, any tall gals out there that carry a first? Do you have any modeling pics that may be able to help me decide? TIA!!:heart:
  2. I had to get rid of this first because it just wasn't big enough for me (even on weekends I can't leave home without a sweater!). I think it looked fine on my 5'10", large-chested frame. It was rouille -- maybe you should go for a brighter color if it's something you're worried about. Sorry about the poor quality of the pic!
  3. If you check out the celeb pics, you'll find lots of models carry the first. It looks great on tall women!
  4. It looks great on you ahertz~! :tup: PuRse.... a 1st should be no problem for yah~! :okay:
  5. Thanks Oogie! You're always good for a self-esteem boost!
  6. Yes, just look at Giselle rocking her firsts.

  7. Thank you LG!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Well that settles it!! If it works for Giselle, then it will surely work for me!! :tup: I'm gonna order me up a first PRONTO!!!!
  8. It looks great on you! Thank you so much for the pic!!:heart:
  9. It looks great on you, I love the first on tall women!:tup:
  10. a 1st would be good; especially for the reason you want it. hope you get one.
    by the way...then we hit Sephora which is on just about ever corner to reapply our makeup and freshen up!!

  11. I had a cornflower first I ordered from Aloharag and owned it for about two hours. (It literally went back the same day.) I felt the size looked really bad on me. I am 5'10" but a swimmer so I have fairly large shoulders and strong back. I should also mention I have a 36C bust. I think it is definitely a question of personal confidence and I did not think I could pull it off.

    But... the first is such a cute flirty style!

  12. i'm 5'9 and love the first for nights out. not too sure if these are the best photos. :p

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    i bring my first grocery shopping too. we were amazed by this giant pumpkin!

    truth be told, i sometimes wonder if i'm too tall for the first as well. :/ i've gotten both -- compliments on the first but at the same time, had some friend tell me that she thinks at the very least i should use a city. :/

    btw i think verty is pretty tall too and she looks great with her vert d'eau first! :smile:
  13. ok i'm 5'10'' but i'm a big bag girl. My bags are always filled with everything my disturbed mind can think to need during the day! Anyway i've seen a lot of tall girls here wearing a firs, and it looks stunning on them, so why not?
  14. Thanks~! :flowers:
  15. I would say it's not too small. I have only one b-bag and it's a box-sized whistle. Without shoes I'm 5'9". I was scared mine would look funny on me but I don't think it does at all; it's very cute. If you want something smaller, like a first, just go for it. Or, if you can, try it out at a store before you buy.