Question for the Size O gals

  1. My 21 year old cousin is a tiny thing. Size O, and 24 waist (and thats loose) she asked ME where she could find some clothes on line. Uhm...I wear a 10 on my good days and 12 on the bad. Since Im the shopper in the family she thinks I can help..well, I have no idea. I was a size O at birth. Any ideas?? She is a trendy gal..(grail tshirts, 7 jeans, little sundresses,)you get it...Any ideas for me to pass on to her?:heart:
  2. I say send her to Forever 21. Trendy outfits at cheap prices (they'll fall apart after a few wears, but by then they'll be out of fashion anyway!). I always pair up some cheap tops at F21 with some designer jeans or shoes. The entire line is made for a tiny body (I am 5'4", 115lbs and fit into a Medium or Large at that store!). She should easily find things that fit her.
  3. Perfect..I just sent her the link....she weighs 98 and is 5' 3 or 4 she is itty bity. Keep the ideas coming ladies! (Maybe I should ask Nicole ritchie?) lol
  4. Armani Exchange should have some stuff to fit her.

    Also FCUK (French Connection) should work... I am (never will be) a size 0 but going by how their clothes fit me (6/8) and the fact that I have to size up, I think they seem to run smaller.
  5. she'll probably hate this, especially if she looks very young. . .
    but our Nanny is tiny too, she wears double 0 when she can find it.
    She wears hip clothing from the girls dept in NM and such.
    They have all the same adult brands just made in teensy sizes.
    My Nanny is 24 but could easily pass for 16, so she doesn't love this shopping in girls stuff. . . wish I could complain about that! LOL!
  6. I find that a lot of European designers make smaller sizes... Your cousin is probably a size 36 or 38 with the size conversion. Miss Sixty, D&G, and Sisley/Benetton (they are owned by the same company) are all good bets. BCBG also has great options for a XS or size 0. Hope this helps!
  7. D&G is a good one! They definitely have smaller clothes.
  8. I'm 5'3'' and I weigh 105. I buy jeans at Abercrombie. They have 00. Forever 21 is a good place too for small shirts and dresses.
  9. I'm a size 00/0 and it is hard to find clothing small enough to fit sometimes. BCBG sometimes sells 00 in pants and xxs in shirts/sweater. Theory also makes great clothes in size 00. Juicy does fit very well for jackets and dresses, but is sometimes a bit too cutesy for me since i am 28 years old.
    Jcrew, on the other hand, runs huge in my opinion. Their size 0 pants fall off me!
  10. has a range of sizes, including 23 and 24 inches in waist for pants.

    Abercrombie is great for tiny people. They have 00, although they've recently made their sizes smaller so it might take a little trial and error (as in my 00 from 2 years ago are now like a 4 there). Their jeans are great though for people will small waists.
  11. I'm a size 0 and that sometimes is too big for me. But I find a lot of nice-looking tops at Forever 21. A&F and American Eagle both have size 00 jeans. I can sometimes find clothes with BCBG and Max Mara but it depends on the style. Old Navy is starting to come out with XXS in tops.
  12. I'm a former 00, now a 0 (a 1 on my bloated days), so I can understand her frustration about wanting to wear the hottest designs but not having anything fit properly.

    For jeans she'll find luck with Frankie B or Miss Sixty. A&F 00 pants used to be too big for me, so it may be hit or miss for her. American Eagle 00 is also bigger in comparison to A&F 00 in my opinion, but again, she will just need to try it on and see if it's a go or a no. For tops, definitely try Forever 21, Wet Seal, Arden B, and I'm sure she'll go crazy for Armani Exchange if she's into the trends.
  13. I would try European (especially Italian) diffusion lines, like D&G, Just Cavalli, etc.

    Designer jeans are made in 23 and 24s

    BCBG size XXS still runs pretty big. So is Marc by Marc Jacobs size 0. I don't shop at Abercrombie, but isn't Hollister supposed to be very small?

    Stay away from GAP, JCrew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor -- those types of mass market stores. They will be too large.

    Certain styles of clothes are cut smaller. Usually materials with stretch are cut smaller too.