Question for the sig stipe tote people

  1. For those of you that have one, or tried one on, do these fit on the shoulder with ease?
    sig stripe tote.jpg
  2. Fits easily on the shoulder? Yes. I love mine, I have been using it for two weeks straight.
  3. For me the answer is kind-of.

    I'm a larger girl and the straps are 17" which fit over my arms fine, but if I'm wearing anything thicker than a sweater they won't fit. So anytime I go out with that bag with my winter coat on, the shoulder thing is a no go.

    I'm still in love with this tote. I have it in the black and silver stripe. But if you are a smaller framed girl you should have no problems what so ever. :p
  4. Thanks ladies! I am thinking this would be a great spring tote in the punch. It figures I just bought the beauty case 3 weeks ago, in black!
  5. i love this tote.....and the small size is great fits right under arm and very comfy!!!!
  6. i'm on the larger side as well and it was quite a snug fit, which is why i returned it...