Question for the SG gals

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  1. Is it cheaper getting a Coffer from US' Beverly Hills boutique, Hawaii boutique or Net-A-Porter?
  2. Either Hawaii or BH!
    Try contacting Renato from the BH outlet.

    Meantime, look out for discounts from Net-a-porter.
  3. That's where I am confused.

    Based on interbank exchange rates, S$1 = USD0.70. S$1 = 0.44 pounds.

    Since the worldwide price list states that a regular/large Coffer costs £990 and USD1695,

    then, the coffer should cost S$2250 if purchase in pounds and S$2421.43 if purchase is made in USD.

    But somehow I don't see much communication on SG gals buying the bags from NAP.
  4. The price list for Europe/UK are inclusive of the local VAT price. For example if ship to Asia, they will deduct the VAT. As for US the price listed are before tax. Either way you will still be liable for your local tax if applicable.

    If buy from NAP, you have to set the country in the webpage correctly so that it will reflect the correct price, usually it's done automatically. According to the shipping info-delivery duty paid, the SG tax is already calculated and added into the final price, this mean you don't have to pay your local tax seperately. You can check the details on the website.