Question for the pros....Grenat/Bordeaux??

  1. Maybe you very experienced ladies can help answer a question for me? I was in NM looking at what appeared to be a gorgeous Grenat work. The tag (NM tag) said Bordeaux, however, the Balenciaga tag said 2006. The SA's kept referrring to the bag as Bordeaux and said they never had that bag in Grenat. Is that just confusion on their part or have I missed something? :confused1:
  2. NM gives colors their own names and they aren't always consistent with Balenciaga names. I wouldn't be surprised if they had referred to both '05 bordeaux and '06 grenat as wine, or burgundy or bordeaux. Go by the tag, which will say year, and your eye as to color. You might be talking to an SA who knows B bags or you might not. As a rule of thumb, a lot of '06 bags are still out there in stores, but not '05 bags.
  3. I've seen the 2006 Grenat bags referred to as Bordeaux (in NM for example)--they are Grenat though.